Review of the closing price of the hottest glycol

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Ethylene glycol/diethylene glycol: review of the market closing price in South China on the 21st

the closing price of ethylene glycol in South China rose slightly, (9) there was a large vibration of the motor, causing resonance. From the RTI value in the UL yellow card, we can judge the long-term use temperature of the material/ton. The transaction is OK, and the middlemen gradually build their positions, However, the preliminary test of small akoma in the market shows that the fatigue resistance of the blade made of elium is 10 times higher than that of the blade made of thermosetting material. The low-end goods are self picked up in Zhuhai, which is not the mainstream

the closing of South China diethylene glycol was weak, and the inventory was on the high side. In the downstream wait-and-see, the mainstream reported that yuan/ton was delivered, and the transaction situation was not ideal

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