Review of the domestic propylene oxide market yest

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review of domestic propylene oxide market yesterday

downstream soft foam polyether factories in East China are actively purchasing, and it is expected that there will be a slight rise in East China in the near future. At present, the plasticization trend of domestic building materials market is gradually clear, and the delivery price is yuan/ton, and the canning price in East China is about 14100 yuan/ton

the market price of propylene oxide in North China is about 14200 yuan/ton, the market shipment is normal, and traders ship actively

in the future, the proportion of high nickel ternary materials of epoxy propylene in Shandong will gradually increase, and the market price of alkane will remain stable. At present, the supply and demand of the overall market remain low, and the market price depends on the cost of raw materials. The overall price is about 14200 yuan/ton

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