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Polyurethane industry innovation has great potential

at the just concluded 2009 annual meeting of the elastomer Professional Committee of China Polyurethane Industry Association, experts believe that technological innovation is a good recipe for the polyurethane industry to slow down the crisis, seize market share and achieve breakthrough development. The introduction of new raw materials and the implementation of new processes will undoubtedly bring new economic growth points to the polyurethane elastomer industry and greatly expand its application fields

the financial crisis has had a great negative impact on the global polyurethane industry. According to the statistics of the elastomer professional committee, foreign enterprises have been significantly impacted by the financial crisis in the production and sales of polyurethane elastomers. As the main producer and other consumer of polyurethane elastomers in the world, China's exports of shoes, clothing and toys have been blocked since the second half of 2008, and the growth rate of polyurethane has decreased. However, for elastomers, due to the relatively scattered application of products, there has been no large-scale shutdown or production stoppage, with an impact of about 10%

in order to resolve the financial crisis, the Chinese government has taken a series of major measures, including expanding domestic demand and increasing infrastructure construction, which will undoubtedly benefit the polyurethane industry, such as foam for refrigerators, new building materials that meet the requirements of building energy conservation, etc

Huang Maosong, chief engineer of Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Development Promotion Center, said that under the influence of the current financial crisis, we should adjust the industrial structure according to the changes in the polyurethane elastomer market at home and abroad, strengthen innovation, and constantly open up the development road of China's new polyurethane elastomer FC 780 e Speedmaster with a molding area of 780 x 570mm. In particular, we should vigorously expand the application fields of polyurethane elastomers, such as actively developing vibration damping and noise proof polyurethane elastomers for high-speed rail, subway, urban rail transit and highway (including polyurethane sleepers, polyurethane sleeper pads, polyurethane microporous elastomers for highway pavement, etc.); Pay close attention to the development of new polyurethane elastomers for new energy (including polyurethane elastomer composites for wind energy blades and thermoplastic polyurethane film new materials for new energy of solar cells); Expand the application of polyurethane elastomers in automobiles; Break through the key technology of pouring concrete polyurethane composites; Expand the application of polyurea elastomer in transportation, offshore engineering, large oil tanks and other fields

although the growth rate of global polyurethane has decreased due to the financial crisis, according to the statistics of the elastomer professional committee, the prospects of foam for refrigerators, new building materials that meet the requirements of building energy conservation, microfiber, ultra real leather, polyurethane wood like materials, waterborne polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants, etc. are still promising, and the production capacity of basic raw materials such as aniline, MDI, TDI, etc. has increased significantly, Functional additives have been greatly improved

on how to speed up the industrialization of new products, new technologies, new processes and new applications of polyurethane elastomers in China, industry experts pointed out that on the one hand, we should accelerate the industrialization of thermoplastic polyurethane series products, mainly including melt spinning polyurethane chips, thermoplastic polyurethane coated fabric products (such as aircraft soft oil tanks, storage and transportation soft oil tanks, life rafts, automobile airbags, etc.), High pressure resistant thermoplastic polyurethane hose, halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane cable material and sealing rings for construction machinery. On the other hand, we should speed up the development and application of polyurethane conveyor belts with high performance. At the same time, we should speed up the promotion and application of the new technology of Dieless rotary casting; Actively develop the application of fluorine-containing polyurethane elastomer in heavy corrosion protection and other fields; Actively develop the application of biodegradable polyurethane elastomers in the degradation of films and other fields (including renewable resources, vegetable oil-based polyols and corn starch fermentation products, which can ensure the accurate use of full-scale speed control)

from this point of view, under the financial crisis, the development of China's polyurethane elastomer industry still has potential. The contradiction between growth and decline can be solved by accelerating enterprises to get rid of the production mode with low technology content and low added value, improving product technology and quality level, and creating their own characteristic products. It should be the development direction of polyurethane industry to try to reduce energy consumption, choose clean and renewable energy and resources, and constantly promote green economy and low-carbon economy

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