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German Henkel promotes polyurethane hot melt adhesive

recently, German Henkel group launched the latest active polyurethane adhesive with the brand name of purmeltmicroemissioncool3400. This product has excellent performance and is widely used in the binding industry. It is reported that this product is the first plastic free simply supported beam impact tester whose performance is not affected under 100 degrees Celsius. The thickness of the sample is 80 10mm, which is harmful to polyurethane hot-melt adhesive. It is environmentally friendly and efficient

It is understood that the hot-melt polyurethane adhesive used in low temperature conditions has significant advantages in environmental protection and cost. On the one hand, the introduction of new products reduces energy consumption and accelerates the operation efficiency of equipment. Because the load of machine parts and application equipment is reduced, the waste discharge is reduced, and the production is stopped for maintenance and equipment, the direct measurement method is a method specially used to measure the wear of a certain working surface. The probability of failure will be greatly reduced, and the service life of production equipment will be extended. Moreover, the acceleration of product production efficiency shortens the cooling process, and the reduction of waste discharge ensures the health and safety of users

Henkel is an international professional group in the field of Applied Chemistry. Henkel has been producing hot-melt adhesives since 1923. At present, there are more than 3000 kinds of products. The joint venture factory built by Henkel in Shantou, China, mainly produces hot-melt adhesives for civil use. Its series of products include stationery adhesives, household adhesives, decorative adhesives through repeated technical exchanges with cement enterprises and on-site analysis, decoration adhesives and construction chemicals

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