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The polyurethane industry went against the wind, and UTECH exhibition was a great success

the 11th global polyurethane exhibition, which has just ended, has achieved complete success, and exhibitors and participants expressed great satisfaction. This year is also the 75th anniversary of the founding of the polyurethane industry. The exhibition in the Netherlands attracted 160 exhibitors, up 14% from 2009

the number of visitors to the exhibition also increased from 2692 in 2009 to 3561 this year, an increase of 32%, which fully shows that UTECH can actively remove pollutants in vehicles. The exhibition plays a key role in the whole polyurethane industry. Visitors came from 86 countries. The conference held at the same time with the exhibition attracted 519 participants, an increase of 27% compared with 2009

the total number of participants in all units reached 4986, an increase of 19% compared with 2009. No less than 96% of the visitors said they would recommend the exhibition to their colleagues, and 88% of the participants felt that the arrangement of the exhibition and each unit was very successful

Suerothwell, general manager of business development of organizer Crain communications, said that the polyurethane industry has been back on track. It is the most versatile and innovative material. Polyurethane can be widely used in automotive, construction, aerospace, furniture, electrical appliances and medical fields. The success of this exhibition not only proves the potential of the polyurethane industry, but also reflects the leading position of the European market in the global polyurethane industry

Max taverna, a representative of Conlon, a professional manufacturer of polyurethane processing equipment in Italy, said that this year's meeting was the best compared with the past. KANGLONG company must also apply for more booths to receive customers

Tonylanchak, head of polyurethane additives Department of metu high tech materials group, a catalyst and surfactant manufacturer, said that the exhibition was very successful and the booth was also the largest. Their exhibition customers include customers from Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other regions

most oil-absorbing visitors, such as the global marketing manager of Yantai Wanhua, felt that although the economic situation was not optimistic, there were many more visitors this time than before 2009

Charles Ritchie, general manager of PCC rokita, a Polish polyol manufacturer, praised the excellent participation. He was too busy to eat, and the exhibitors came from all over the world

Randy Wellman, the business manager of Huntsman Automotive in the United States, said that the best manager is the customer communication in the exhibition hall. We are busy holding customer meetings all day

the next international polyurethane exhibition that needs to replace gaskets will be held in 2015, and the next exhibition in China for the polyurethane industry will be held in Shenzhen, China, from September 18 to 20, 2012

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