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The prospect of polyurethane is good, and the expansion of chemical giants may affect the market price

with global warming and rising energy costs, more and more countries have issued various regulations to improve energy efficiency and improve environmental protection and energy conservation indicators of housing construction. At present, China is also gradually improving and promoting building energy conservation standards. In the future, polyurethane has great market development potential in the field of building insulation in China, This will also greatly stimulate the market demand for polyurethane in China

at present, the supply of polyurethane market in China mainly comes from Yantai Wanhua, BASF, Bayer, Dow, Huntsman, Japan polyurethane, Mitsui chemical, Jinhu Mitsui and other enterprises. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of polyurethane market demand in China, polyurethane manufacturers at home and abroad have planned to increase their polyurethane production capacity in China

in the next decade, the polyurethane market in North China will grow by 7.7%

it is understood that before the sample blank (2) does not need heat treatment, as a thermal insulation material, the polyurethane rigid foam composite has formed a large-scale application in the downstream refrigerator and freezer industry, cold chain logistics industry, construction industry and solar water heater. Due to the rapid development of refrigeration industry, China has become the region with the fastest development and demand growth of polyurethane industry in the world. The growth of China's polyurethane market is very strong. In the next decade, it is expected that the growth rate in North China will remain at 7.7%

at present, several domestic manufacturers mainly producing hard foam composites have their own advantages in production capacity, raw material supply, application fields, etc. With the development of the refrigeration industry, especially the rapid growth of the cold chain logistics industry, in addition, driven by activities such as "solar energy to the countryside", "solar roof plan" and the popularization of low-carbon concepts, the scope of application of polyurethane will be broader. With the emergence of domestic building energy-saving standards, the application of polyurethane materials in the field of building insulation, three basic configurations of intellectualization: mainframe, microcomputer There is also an inevitable trend to add printers. The national attention to building energy conservation will also make the application of polyurethane rigid foam in the building materials market enter a period of rapid development

On April 20, 2011, BASF Tianjin polyurethane composite plant is located in TEDA modern industrial zone, Hangu District, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 3.4 hectares, with an initial investment of 10million euros. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2012

the Chongqing polyurethane composite plant planned by BASF will be put into operation in 2013. In addition, BASF will also invest in an MDI (one of the raw materials for polyurethane production) project with an annual production capacity of 400000 tons in Chongqing, which is expected to start operation in 2014. Ma lanli, senior vice president of BASF polyurethane Asia Pacific business, said: "Chongqing MDI project will become an investment with high precision in BASF's largest experiment in China."

after the polyurethane composite plants in Tianjin and Chongqing are completed and put into operation, BASF will have four polyurethane composite plants in China (the other two are located in Nansha and Shanghai respectively), completing the layout in the Chinese Mainland market

Dow Chemical and Haier Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Pascal polyurethane energy saving and environmental protection solution in March, 2011. Dow Chemical is transforming. As a world-famous chemical company, it used to only provide water supply system products for the chemical industry, but now it wants to change from simply selling products to selling a system and a formula

Dow Chemical said that the cooperation with Haier established a platform. In addition to polyurethane business, other businesses are also brought in. There are consumer electronics as well as other products

as early as a few years ago, Bayer Group, another German chemical giant, announced to invest US $1.8 billion to build an integrated production base in Shanghai Caojing Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), which includes the production of polyurethane raw materials MDI and TDI

the Japanese earthquake led to an increase in polyurethane demand

almost everyone was surprised. The "Butterfly Effect" of the Japanese earthquake even caused a big shock to the polyurethane industry chain. It was learned from Zhejiang Far East chemical fiber group, Qianqing China light textile raw material city and other places that the upstream PX price surge has affected the raw material purchase price of PTA production enterprises, and the chemical fiber enterprises as the downstream of the industry are facing a wave of impact

as one of the important exporters of polyurethane raw materials, the great earthquake in Japan also made the supply of polyurethane related products more tight. Industry insiders believe that polyurethane raw materials have entered a new boom cycle this year, but the earthquake in Japan will accelerate the boom of the polyurethane industry, and the prices of related products are expected to rise further. This boom cycle will last for at least two years

with the rapid development of chemical industry, the demand for polyurethane in China will increase. Judging from the production time of these new capacity, the market supply and demand of polyurethane in China will not change much in the past two years. However, in the long run, as the speed of capacity expansion is faster than the growth rate of demand, with the production of these new capacity, the market supply of polyurethane in China will increase significantly. It is expected that the market competition of polyurethane in China will be very fierce in the future

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