The hottest polyurethane gradually comes out of th

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Polyurethane gradually comes out of the off-season, and the price rises steadily.

Data comments:

polyurethane gradually comes out of the off-season, and the price rises steadily, with adipic acid, TDI and MDI rising significantly. Ethylene chain, aromatic chain, etc. are supported by oil prices, and the price is stable. It works closely with the University of Bristol and the world to reduce the gas and water vapor transmittance of food packaging films. This machine is a high-precision, multi-purpose data experimental machine for mechanical property testing of metal or non-metal data. Many other universities in the world have improved. The downstream products of propylene chain products continued to rebound driven by product costs. The price of viscose staple fiber has increased driven by costs, and the price of spandex is basically stable. Silicone prices are relatively strong, but there is little room for profit recovery. The oil price remained at a high level, and the demand gradually recovered. The overall high level of chemical products in March

investment suggestions:

we continue to be optimistic about Danhua technology for technological innovation for a long time. Polyurethane bottomed out and rebounded, and it can continue to be distributed. By 2022, the global range will reach US $2.39 billion, with Yantai Wanhua and Cangzhou Dahua. The price of fluorine chemical industry will still rise, and Juhua shares will continue to be held. Spandex prices continue to have room to rise, and Yantai spandex and Huayi media continue to hold

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