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The petroleum and chemical industry sector fell across the board. In the era of low prices, how should the titanium dioxide industry respond? PetroChina Northeast Sales guarantee for the national two sessions

the petroleum and chemical industry sector fell across the board. In the era of low prices, how should the titanium dioxide industry respond? PetroChina Northeast Sales guarantee for the national two sessions, coatings,

the oil and chemical industry sector fell across the board. In the era of low prices, how should the titanium dioxide industry respond? PetroChina Northeast Sales guarantee for the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress on May 26, 2020

the oil and chemical industry sector fell comprehensively

last week, the domestic capital market continued to weaken. By the close of last Friday, the Shanghai stock index had fallen by 1.91%, the Shenzhen composite index had fallen by 3.28%, the small and medium-sized board index had fallen by 3.14%, and the gem index had fallen by 2.01%. Among them, the chemical and petroleum sector index fell by 1.77% and 2.01% respectively

last week, the top five petrochemical product prices were international naphtha, international fuel oil, WTI crude oil, natural gas and Brent crude oil; The top five declines were asphalt, dimethyl carbonate, trichloroethylene, isopropanol and butyl rubber

last week, the top five listed chemical enterprises were Yida shares, which rose 24.56%, St Zanger, which rose 23.13%, Huate gas, which rose 20.17%, Rongda photosensitive, which rose 18.29%, and Sibao technology, which rose 15.61%; The top five listed companies with declines were Huaxi shares down 24.51%, Huitian new material down 16.81%, Jinli Technology down 15.82%, Honghe technology down 15.34%, and * ST Hehua down 14.54%

in the era of low price, with the use of resin matrix composite fan blades in aeroengines, how should the titanium dioxide industry respond

affected by the epidemic abroad, the titanium dioxide industry, whose export volume accounts for nearly 1/3, has entered the era of low prices. In the post epidemic period, how should domestic titanium dioxide enterprises respond? In this regard, Zhou Lei, Secretary General of the titanium dioxide sub center of the National Productivity Promotion Center of the chemical industry, pointed out in an interview with China Chemical Daily that only by practicing their internal skills, doing a good job in product stability, and further doing a good job in the development of new products in subdivisions, can enterprises in the whole industry overcome difficulties smoothly

affected by the epidemic, the production of some domestic titanium dioxide enterprises was limited in the first quarter, but due to the release of new production capacity, the output of titanium dioxide increased, and the overall market was relatively stable

according to statistical data, in the first quarter, the domestic output of titanium dioxide was 770000 tons, with matte texture and smooth skin touch different from that of ordinary nylon, an increase of 3.8% year-on-year; The cumulative export volume of titanium dioxide was about 331300 tons, of which the export volume in March was about 157200 tons, an increase of 60.25% year-on-year

"The impact of the epidemic on the entire titanium dioxide industry began to take shape in late April. Affected by the epidemic, terminal demand fell, titanium dioxide enterprise orders decreased, enterprise inventories began to increase, and many enterprises reduced their quotations for promotion. For example, on April 17, longmang Baili Xiangyang base, a leading titanium dioxide enterprise, promoted the price of 996 brand titanium dioxide at 14000 yuan per ton, with a profit of 1700 yuan; on April 29, Oriental Titanium Industry issued a price adjustment letter, and titanium dioxide products were priced at 14000 yuan per ton The price will be reduced by 500-1000 yuan per ton in different varieties and markets. " Zhou Lei said that affected by this, panic spread in the market, and various manufacturers sold at a profit. The titanium dioxide market as a whole entered the downward channel and entered the era of low prices

in this regard, Zhou Lei said that the titanium dioxide sub center will guide the technological innovation strategic alliance of titanium dioxide industry to help enterprises do three jobs together

first, actively communicate with titanium dioxide enterprises. In response to the regulation issued by the European Union on February 18 that titanium dioxide is classified as a class II suspected carcinogen by inhalation, it was explained to relevant ministries and commissions under the unified coordination of the China Petrochemical Federation and refuted the scientificity of the experiment

second, actively strive to enjoy more policy dividends. Since this year, governments at all levels have formulated and issued a number of new preferential policies to stimulate economic development, including phased public consumption reductions, tax deferrals, financial support, etc. enterprises should actively strive for. At the same time, titanium dioxide enterprises should combine up and down, and strive for new support measures from the central government through local governments and industry organizations

the third is to help enterprises do a good job in product application development, assist enterprises in establishing application laboratories, and provide technical support and on-site services

at the same time, titanium dioxide enterprises should also do a good job in related work. On the one hand, enterprises should do a good job in standardized production while resuming production, and strengthen safety management in production to ensure the stability of product quality. On the other hand, we should strengthen the research and development of product application, especially the docking with downstream coating, plastic, ink and other industries, understand the requirements of downstream industries for products, do relevant application experimental research, and form a complete application solution

Zhou Lei said that in the face of the current severe market situation, combined with the functional characteristics of titanium dioxide products and their positive correlation with social and economic development, titanium dioxide enterprises should have confidence in future development. All enterprises should formulate relevant countermeasures according to their own characteristics, and the titanium dioxide sub center will continue to provide services for the industry, and work with enterprises to overcome difficulties and create the future

As of May 20, PetroChina Northeast sales company has transported 56000 tons of oil products to Beijing, effectively ensuring the stable supply of the capital oil market during the national two sessions

in order to ensure the supply of oil products during the national two sessions, Northeast sales will strengthen the day to day connection with Beijing sales, and make a docking plan one by one. According to the demand, it will coordinate North China petrochemical, Jinxi Petrochemical, Jinzhou Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical to organize resource preparation before it is bound to have an impact on the construction machinery industry

as one of the posts of Northeast sales in North China to ensure supply to Beijing, Northeast Sales Jizhong branch paid close attention to the dynamics of the national two sessions held during the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and planned in advance to ensure the end-point period and oil supply in key areas. After learning about the large demand for Beijing standard oil products, they immediately coordinated North China Petrochemical to produce Beijing standard gasoline and diesel. At present, Huabei Petrochemical has changed all diesel to Beijing standard, and gasoline has also increased the blending of Beijing standard 95, so as to produce more high value-added oil products, and prepare enough oil products for the two sessions in advance

in order to improve the operation efficiency, Jizhong branch communicates with Beijing sales every day to achieve immediate delivery, and the railway shipment should be requested on the same day, loaded and delivered on the same day; The highway should give priority to the organization of loading. In order to deal with the traffic restriction of dangerous chemicals transported by road into Beijing, Jizhong branch has made greater efforts in advance to organize the transfer out of oil products in excess of the schedule. In terms of railway transport capacity, one or two road cars are equipped on the dedicated line every day, so that the plan can be issued to the Shanghai Municipal People's government, China Motor Products Circulation Association and fashion cars

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