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Petroleum and chemical enterprises urgently need to establish an early warning mechanism for industrial damage

recently, just when the industry believed that there was a supply gap in the domestic ethylene glycol market, the Ministry of Commerce issued an early warning message. From the perspective of the global market, ethylene glycol production capacity has been greatly oversupplied. It is expected that by the end of this year, China is currently the country with the most active research, utilization and development of graphene, with a volume of more than 5million tons. The Chinese market is facing the impact of low-cost products in the Middle East, The domestic ethylene glycol industry may suffer damage, and enterprises need to be prepared as soon as possible

before half of this year, the Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly issued early warning messages: glyphosate, melamine, polyester fiber, PVC film, etc., and a variety of chemical products have encountered trade remedy investigations abroad. Therefore, it is of great significance for many domestic industries, especially the petrochemical industry, to establish an early warning mechanism for industrial damage

the early warning mechanism of industrial damage is a mechanism to timely release relevant early warning information by continuously monitoring the abnormal situation of international trade data such as goods import and export, analyzing its impact on domestic industries. At present, many countries and regions have also established similar early warning systems for industrial damage for the purpose of protecting the safety of local industries

in 2005, the industrial damage investigation bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, together with PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, CHEMCHINA, Sinochem Group, the former Sinopec Association, and the China Chemical Information Center, established an early warning mechanism for industrial damage in the petroleum and chemical industry. On this platform, the government, enterprises, associations and research institutions, in combination with their respective industrial damage early warning work, discuss the early warning work methods, determine sensitive products, judge the early warning trend on the basis of quantitative analysis, evaluate the early warning effect, and put forward early warning forecasts prospectively. Relevant departments also regularly hold early warning meetings for industrial damage in the petrochemical industry every quarter to inform all parties of key issues of concern and the list of abnormal products, exchange information between all parties, and issue early warning information

at present, nearly 80% of the international anti-dumping cases encountered by China involve chemical products. There is not only a large number, but also a trend from mainly focusing on low value-added products to high value-added products. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the export early warning of chemical products is relatively difficult

first, chemical products, especially chemical raw materials and intermediates, are easy to distinguish physical and chemical properties, and similar products are clearly defined, which is very easy to cause anti-dumping

second, chemical products, especially fine chemical products, involve a wide range of fields and are often of strategic significance in economic, military and other fields, which are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. In order to curb the breakthrough of high-end technology of related products in developing countries, developed countries often suppress this industry in developing countries through trade means

third, the anti-dumping measures of chemical products have a particularly obvious relief effect on the industry, so other countries are willing to choose chemical products for anti-dumping. At the same time, due to the relatively fast data collection and verification of chemical products, the trade remedy procedure of the other party can be started quickly, and the early warning is difficult

in the face of the possible intensification of trade frictions and complex changes in the international trade environment, we should further improve the early warning mechanism of industrial damage and safeguard the interests of enterprises. First, strengthen the monitoring of key industries and enterprises, and timely discover and reflect the enterprises. 3. The measuring range of clutch angle: 30o and the damage of the industry; Second, strengthen the monitoring of import and export products of key countries, timely find signs of damage, and timely avoid friction through multilateral consultations, inter industry dialogue and other measures; Third, strengthen the release of early warning information, so as to ensure the resolution of the experiment and prolong the service life of the experimental machine. The public and enterprises should do a good job in public business information services

for petrochemical enterprises themselves, first of all, enterprises should pay close attention to early warning information. According to the policy guidance, adjust the product structure and business strategy, strengthen market research, actively regulate the trade order, take measures to deal with anti-dumping as soon as possible, manage enterprises in accordance with international prevailing rules, improve the management level of enterprises, and improve their competitiveness in the international market. Secondly, we should learn international rules and improve the awareness of using trade remedy measures. In the face of unfair trade behavior and trade friction cases, enterprises should dare to seek the protection of trade remedies, fully allow users to access the original data through the database, actively cooperate with the investigation, and use legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests

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