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Offshore wind power has entered the "accelerated period" and high reliability has become the main direction of attack

the rapid development of onshore wind power in China is a remarkable phenomenon in the new energy industry in recent years. Now this trend will extend to the sea. At the 2010 Shanghai International Offshore Wind Power Conference held recently, participants believed that with the launch of the first batch of domestic offshore wind power project concession bidding in May this year, China's offshore wind power development will enter a period of accelerated and subsequent use

34 units of the 100000 kW offshore wind farm of Shanghai Donghai Bridge have all been realized and generated electricity. Data photos

coastal provinces have launched offshore wind power planning

it is not surprising that offshore wind power has attracted attention. The first reason is that there are abundant wind energy resources on China's long coastline. Second, offshore wind power occupies less resources and is close to the power load center, eliminating the trouble of long-distance transmission. In this regard, the national energy administration clearly pointed out in the overall requirements and tasks of energy work in 2010: in 2010, we should continue to promote the construction of large-scale wind power bases, especially offshore wind power

Shi Pengfei, vice president of China Wind Energy Association, also pointed out that although China's onshore wind power has made great progress in recent years, and the installed capacity has doubled for four consecutive years, the development of offshore wind power has just begun. He pointed out that last year, China's new offshore wind power installed capacity was only 6 30000 kW, while the UK, with the fastest development of offshore wind power in the same period, achieved a new installed capacity of 306000 kW, with a cumulative installed capacity of 894000 kW

as China's first offshore wind power demonstration project, 34 units of the 100000 kW offshore wind farm of Shanghai Donghai Bridge have been fully realized and generated power recently. The smooth progress of the Donghai Bridge project has also stimulated the momentum of other provinces and cities. Wang minhao, vice president of China Hydropower and water resources planning and Design Institute, said at the forum that at present, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Fujian have put forward their own offshore wind power development plans. According to these plans, Wang minhao predicts that China's installed capacity of offshore wind power will reach 5million kW by 2015 and increase to 30million kW by 2020

concession bidding work starts. All parties pay attention to the bid price

as a renewable energy, the development of offshore wind power cannot be separated from the support of the government. According to the provisions of the renewable energy law, the part of the electricity price of renewable energy exceeding the average electricity price of conventional energy shall be subsidized by the special renewable energy fund. At present, the benchmark price of wind power in the four types of onshore resource areas in China is 0 51 yuan, 0.54 yuan, 0.58 yuan and 0.61 yuan. Due to the high installation cost and difficult development, the electricity price level of offshore wind power should be higher

under the condition of limited subsidy funds, it is necessary to promote the development of offshore wind power through a competitive mechanism, said Wang Jun, director of the Department of new and renewable energy of the national energy administration. Just last month, the National Energy Administration launched the first batch of concession bidding for offshore wind power projects. It is understood that at present, it has been basically determined to select two offshore wind power projects and two tidal flat wind power projects along the coast of Jiangsu Province. The scale of a single offshore wind power project is proposed to be 300000 kW, and the tidal flat wind power is proposed to be 200000 kW. The energy administration is preparing to invite tenders for these 1million kW four projects at the same time

according to the arrangement, bidding will be held for the above four projects in September this year. What kind of electricity price can win the bid is the focus of attention of all parties. After all, this is directly related to the interests of investors and the large-scale promotion of offshore wind power in the short term. At present, a reference data is the electricity price of Donghai Bridge project, which is about 0 98 yuan/kWh, nearly twice as high as onshore wind power

however, industry insiders pointed out that as the first offshore wind power demonstration project in China, the Donghai Bridge will also provide clean energy in time for the WorldExpo, which has a strong symbolic significance. Its electricity price level cannot become the standard of offshore wind power in the future. In fact, there have been cases of low price bidding of enterprises during the bidding of Dunhuang photovoltaic projects before, and some people expect the final bid price to be less than 0 98 yuan/kWh

wind turbine manufacturers are eager to try high power and high reliability as the main direction of attack

the so-called "soldiers and horses are not moving, grain and grass are first, and the development of offshore wind power requires the support of reliable wind turbines. The reduction of its cost also depends on the localization level of wind turbines and the technological innovation that shows people a new face full of vitality and imagination before the application of equipment experiments. At present, except for a few parts such as bearings and frequency converters, China's wind turbines have basically realized localization, which will largely support the development of offshore wind power, said Min Hao after the decline of Wang Er's subsidy

offshore wind power represents the highest level of wind power technology, which is characterized by high power and high reliability. Because once the offshore wind turbine fails, the maintenance cost will be very high, said Tao Gang, vice president of Sinovel wind power, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in China. At the beginning of this year, the national energy offshore wind power technology and equipment research and development center, which was built by Sinovel wind power, was officially awarded a license by the national energy administration. At present, the 3M w fans provided by Sinovel wind power have been successfully operated on the Donghai Bridge project, and we will launch the first batch of 5m w fans in the fourth quarter of this year, Tao Gang said

other wind turbine manufacturers are certainly not willing to lag behind. Qi Xinping, chairman of Shanghai electric wind power equipment company, said that the 3.6m w wind turbine independently developed by the company was announced offline in June this year. At the same time, the company is also building an offshore wind power equipment manufacturing base in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, which is expected to be completed in August and put into operation within the year. The first 5m w wind turbine of Shanghai Electric will be offline in 2011. The company aims to build wind power equipment into another 10 billion industry after thermal power equipment, Qi Xinping said

Shi Pengfei also expressed caution about the popularity of offshore wind power by mainstream wind turbine manufacturers in the country. At present, there are not many countries capable of developing offshore wind power. There have been serious accidents abroad, such as the substation was burned out and repaired for half a year, and dozens of wind turbines were all pulled back to land for repair

insiders pointed out that the development of offshore wind power is a process of more haste than speed. The first 5m w wind turbine in Europe was put into trial operation on land in 2004, installed offshore in 2006, and officially put into operation in 2008. After five years, Shi Pengfei said that China's offshore wind power must be developed, and the prospect is good, but in the short term, everyone's expectations should not be too high, and we should adhere to the principle of quality first

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