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A package of oil and gas reform policies is being formulated and will be implemented intensively. According to the 2017 energy transformation high level forum held on August 19, two-thirds of the country's natural gas market still needs to be explored, and there is still a long way to go to achieve the goal of natural gas accounting for 10% of primary energy by 2020 In this context, a package of policies is being formulated. The Ministry of land and resources is studying and formulating normative documents for the reform of oil and gas management system. The national energy administration has issued documents related to the interconnection of oil and gas pipelines to local governments. At the same time, it will issue opinions on accelerating the construction of natural gas infrastructure and establishing a natural gas peak shaving market mechanism, and formulate relevant policies for the integrated development of natural gas and new energy

"our market is worried about our country's 1.37 billion population. According to the total natural gas consumption of about 210 billion cubic meters last year, the total population we cover now is a little more than 400 million, that is, our natural gas supply can only meet the needs of one third of the country's population, and there are still two-thirds of the markets that need us to explore." Nuer Baikeli, director of the national energy administration, said frankly that although natural gas utilization rose against the trend in the first half of 2017, with a growth rate of more than 10%, there is still a long way to go to achieve the goal that natural gas accounts for 10% of primary energy in 2020. 5. The dynamometer main bearing is not allowed to refuel

Li Yinghua, deputy director of the oil and natural gas Department of the national energy administration, pointed out that plastic calenders and calendering machine auxiliaries are the most basic equipment. Before that, the strategic positioning of developing natural gas into one of China's main energy sources has basically reached a consensus, but there are still different voices, and the doubts about the clean use of natural gas also need to be clarified At the same time, the infrastructure needs to be improved, the peak shaving capacity of gas storage is seriously insufficient, the peak shaving is not implemented in place, and the auxiliary service market mechanism has not been established In addition, the market mechanism is not perfect 2 High precision and high frequency data collection, through expanding the market to solve existing contradictions, lack of confidence

in this case, the first step is to accelerate the utilization of natural gas Nur Baikeli pointed out that it is necessary to implement the urban gas project, promote the "coal to gas" in the key areas of clean heating and air pollution prevention in northern China in winter, quickly improve the gas supply level of urban residents, and open up the last kilometer of natural gas utilization; We should implement natural gas power generation projects, vigorously develop natural gas distributed energy, encourage the development of natural gas peak shaving power stations, orderly develop natural gas cogeneration, and promote the integrated development of natural gas and new energy

"in terms of natural gas power generation, we are more focused on giving play to its peak shaving characteristics and reducing 'wind and light abandonment'. Next, we hope to do better research in this area and introduce better policies." Li Yinghua revealed

The problem of resource guarantee is also noteworthy Zhao Xianliang, Secretary of the Party committee of the oil and gas resources strategic research center of the Ministry of land and resources, pointed out that domestic oil and gas resources are increasingly dependent on foreign countries, and the system and mechanism of management and production are rigid, which hinders the release of oil and gas resources It is estimated that by 2035, the external dependence on oil will account for 70%, and natural gas will further develop, reaching a high point around 2045

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