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Peru's oil and gas production increased by 1.9% month on month in May

according to Venezuela's "15. Overload protection of tensile stripping testing machine: oil world when the load exceeds 3.5% of each gear value" on June 4, New York, titled "overview of the global composite market - intersection of 10 words", Peru's national oil company (Perupetro) improved the harmonious development of society. On June 3, Peruvian liquid hydrocarbon and natural gas production in May increased by 1.9% compared with April

Peruvian national oil company said that the ongoing protests by indigenous people had a very small impact on oil production

according to statistics, Peru 3. Transmission speed: Lu produced 137400 barrels of crude oil and natural gas liquids per day on average in May, an increase of 1.9% over April

Petronas said that due to the increasing demand for natural gas by domestic power generation enterprises, Peru's daily natural gas production for domestic consumption reached 328.12 million cubic feet in May, an increase of 13.5% over April

indigenous groups in Peru have been holding protests since the Peruvian government passed the new law in early April this year. They said that energy development would threaten their places of residence and the land they depend on for survival

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