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The policy of offshore wind power is clear, and the collective agitation of complete machine equipment enterprises

learned from the National Energy Administration on February 23 that the Interim Measures for the administration of offshore wind power development and construction were jointly issued by the national energy administration and the National Oceanic Administration

this method will become the mainstream trend of the development of experimental machines, and stipulates the procedures and requirements for the preparation of offshore wind power development planning, offshore wind power project authorization, sea area use application approval and marine environmental protection, project approval, construction completion acceptance and operation information management. In the measures, many provisions are even very detailed, such as the rigid provision that offshore wind power development and investment enterprises are Chinese funded enterprises or Chinese funded enterprises account for more than 50% of the shares

this document makes up for the previous policy gap. On February 23, Qin Haiyan, Secretary General of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said in an interview with this newspaper that the development of offshore wind power involves many departments such as marine, land, fisheries, maritime and even the military, and there are quite a few approval subjects for the use of sea areas alone. This method provides a path for offshore wind power development, so this year can be regarded as the year when offshore wind power development really started

it is learned that wind power enterprises, including Sinovel wind power, Goldwind technology, Dongfang Electric and other wind power equipment giants, began collective agitation before the introduction of this policy, and successively invested heavily in the field of offshore wind power

At the 2010 national energy work conference held in January this year, Zhang Guobao, director of the national energy administration, said in the "General requirements and tasks of energy work in 2010" that in 2010, we should continue to promote the construction of large-scale wind power bases, especially offshore wind power should be carried out

soon thereafter, the offshore wind power policy was timely released. Among them, the most remarkable is that Chinese enterprises must hold shares in the project development. This is due to political considerations, because the sea area is part of national sovereignty. Onshore wind power development has no such restrictions. Meng Xiangan, vice president of China Renewable Energy Association, made an analysis

it is understood that at present, all onshore wind power development in China are Chinese funded enterprises, and wind power development cannot be profitable, and foreign capital has not entered at present

in addition, the management measures also stipulates that if the construction of offshore wind power projects is not started within two years after approval, the national energy department will withdraw the project development right, and the national marine administrative department will withdraw the right to use the sea area

the method also requires that offshore wind power engineering projects give priority to the selection of development and investment enterprises by bidding, and the bidding conditions are electricity price, engineering scheme, technical capacity and business performance. The bidding of offshore wind power projects is organized by the national energy department in charge, and the tenderee is the provincial (District, municipal) energy department in charge of the project location

Qin Haiyan believes that at present, the development of offshore wind power is still a blank. The Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm project in Shanghai is the first demonstration project in China. This project will be completed this year, but there is no commercial project at present

it is understood that the Donghai Bridge offshore wind power project is composed of 34 wind turbines with a unit capacity of 3 MW, with a total investment of 2.365 billion yuan. At present, the first three 3-mW wind turbines of the 100 MW wind farm of Shanghai Donghai Bridge have been put into operation, which means that China's offshore wind power has entered the practical stage

the equipment of this project is provided by Sinovel, and the installation is completed by the second Aviation Administration Bureau, which shows that localization can be achieved from equipment manufacturing to installation. Qin Haiyan told this newspaper

Qin Haiyan also said that I expect several demonstration projects to be launched this year, because the national energy administration has sent documents to provinces and cities some time ago, requiring all regions to declare offshore wind power concession bidding projects

collective agitation

I learned that three years ago, when bidding for wind turbine equipment in Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm, I encountered the situation that foreign wind power equipment giants overcharged, and put forward harsh supply conditions, which eventually led to the failure of the bid, and the construction progress was also affected to a certain extent

at the beginning, the project was going to adopt foreign technical equipment. At that time, the supply of fans was in short supply, and domestic enterprises could not do it, so the quotation of foreign enterprises was very high. Finally, Sinovel took the initiative to come forward and decided to do it by itself. Finally, the fans are all developed by Sinovel. Qin Haiyan revealed

on February 23, chendanghui, the technical director of Sinovel wind power, revealed to this newspaper that the cost of wind power equipment for the Donghai Bridge project provided by Sinovel wind power was more than one-third lower than that of foreign countries, which was only the wind turbine. At that time, foreign enterprises also proposed to contract all projects, if so, the cost would be higher

on February 3, the unit has successfully passed the 240 hour pre acceptance examination at one time. Only twoorthree of the 34 units have not been installed yet. Chen Danghui revealed

on January 11, Sinovel wind power 5MW wind turbine project started to lay the foundation stone for steel structure engineering testing, including all the specified experimental testing contents of raw materials, welding materials, weldments, fasteners, welds, bolt ball joints, coatings and other materials and projects of steel structures and special equipment. The basic ceremony was held at Sinovel wind power Yancheng Industrial base

this project is different from the Donghai Bridge project. It is a 5MW wind turbine project with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, which will be completed and put into operation at the end of the year. Chen Danghui revealed

Sinovel's main competitor, Goldwind technology, has also placed the industrial base of offshore wind power in Jiangsu

on November 18, 2009, Goldwind technology held a foundation laying ceremony for the offshore wind power industry base in Dafeng, Jiangsu Province. It invested 3 billion yuan locally and 300 to 500 million yuan in the first phase of the project, forming a production capacity of 300 MW units, engine rooms and hubs per year. At the same time, it introduced industrial chain matching suppliers and built key spare parts manufacturing projects such as wind blades. Goldwind technology plans to achieve an annual output of 800 to 1000 megawatt level machine manufacturing capacity, and build a domestic first-class offshore wind power equipment manufacturing base

the research and development of our offshore wind turbine has been advancing since 2007, but the prototype is only one in the Bohai Bay in cooperation with CNOOC, but this year I estimate that some offshore wind power projects can be brought out. On February 22, caixiaomei, the Board Secretary of Goldwind technology, told this newspaper

coincidentally, recently, Huayi Electric also announced the refinancing of 1.146 billion yuan, of which more than 460 million yuan will be invested in the high-tech industrialization project of 3MW wind turbines to prepare for offshore wind power

Shanghai Electric and Dongfang Electric are both making 3.6MW models. The subsidiary of Changzheng electric plans to build an offshore wind turbine production base in April this year, while Xiangdian purchased the Dutch company last year

in this way, at least six domestic enterprises have begun to enter the development of offshore wind power

the high growth of onshore wind power has basically ended, while offshore wind power is dominant in wind resources, unit operation stability, site occupation and so on. It is expected that the development space and profitability will be better than onshore wind power. As an equipment manufacturer, it will get a higher gross profit margin in the future. Said Zhang Shuai, a researcher at Guojin securities

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