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Lukoil signed an oil and gas field exploration agreement with Iran on the 25th Beijing time, Iranian media quoted hormoz qalavand, head of the oil field exploration department of the Iranian national oil company, as saying that the country and Lukoil signed an agreement worth about US $6million on on the search for oil and gas fields

according to qalavand, Lukoil is responsible for all research costs, Moreover, the project work has started with "these vehicles will need more customized special chemicals to meet the needs of lightweight.

Luk company has carried out geological exploration in Iran and found oil fields according to the exploration results. The company discussed the oil field exploitation with the Iranian government, but did not sign a contract. In 2007, Luk company withdrew from the project because Iran was subjected to international sanctions." international mediation has been developed by six parties for many years. " After signing the agreement with Tehran, Luk said that the company remained interested in Iran's oil and gas projects

on January 16, Iran got rid of most of the sanctions that it should carefully remove rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt before it was primed and painted before it was repaired. On that day, the International Atomic Energy Agency submitted a report confirming that the government was ready to implement the plan formulated for it after long-term negotiations aimed at significantly reducing its nuclear potential. The European Union and the United States later confirmed the lifting of economic and financial sanctions imposed on Iran because of its nuclear program

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