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The competition for multiple interests hidden in offshore wind power

although the revitalization plan for the new energy industry is expected to be issued by the end of the year, and the development of offshore wind power has also encountered technical bottlenecks, various stakeholders have been eager to appear on the stage. Coastal provinces have issued development plans one after another, and major power giants have "raced around the sea", with domestic and foreign wind turbine manufacturing giants competing to participate, with disputes everywhere. Under the wind power disputes, there are multiple interest competitions

1 under the financial crisis, China is facing great pressure on GDP growth. The development of new energy industry has become an important measure to cultivate economic growth points and adjust industrial structure. Among them, it has become the consensus of coastal provinces and cities to exchange offshore wind power development for the development of local wind power equipment manufacturing industry, and offshore wind power development cannot be separated from the nourishment of "subsidy cake"

experts participating in the new energy revitalization plan revealed that in the process of developing new energy in the next few years, China is more inclined to follow the existing route, that is, to increase the additional electricity price of renewable energy of 0.002 yuan/kWh

under the guidance of this policy, the more offshore wind power projects are built, the more subsidy funds can be obtained from the central government. To this end, the governments of coastal regions have issued local offshore wind power development plans one after another, and set amazing goals. The inevitable competition has emerged

according to insiders, China's wind power development is based on territorial demarcation and piecemeal development, and local governments have great control over wind energy resources. Under the situation that the development of coastal wind power surged repeatedly in 2007, and the supply of high-quality wind energy resources fell short of demand, a game between government and enterprises to exchange "high-quality wind farm supply" for "wind power equipment manufacturing industry" is being staged in coastal provinces and cities. At present, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai and other coastal provinces and cities have proposed to take the wind power industry as a key industry and vigorously attract investment

"what the government relies on to attract investment is nothing more than asking power giants to drive equipment manufacturing enterprises to settle down, otherwise they will not provide high-quality wind farms. As equipment purchasers, power giants have to comply with the government indirectly. Wind power equipment manufacturing has high requirements for technology, and some enterprises dance with the government's investment invitation regardless of the manufacturing foundation and parts support." A person in charge of a wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise admitted

2 the situation of the huge plastic processing industry of electric power and the idea of the 13th five year plan head "race horse and circle the sea" accounts for resources

at present, China implements the concept of quota for wind power development, requiring that by 2020, the renewable energy power generation proportion of power generation groups with more than 5million kW will reach 8%. To this end, domestic power giants have flocked to wind power. Offshore wind power development is highly sought after by power giants because of its low difficulty and cost

Zhou Heliang, honorary president of the China Electrotechnical Society, revealed that at the end of 2008, there were about 4million kW of wind power in China, accounting for 1/3 of the total installed capacity of wind power due to the lagging construction of wind power and some technical, economic and management obstacles in wind power consolidation

Chen Yong, director of the energy department of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, is more conducive to the improvement of his professional skills. Wind power is random and intermittent. After large-scale construction, there are high requirements for the safe operation of local and regional power, power structure configuration, power consumption and transmission. In coastal provinces and cities, the power reserve capacity is large, and the difficulty and cost of wind power consolidation are far lower than those in western wind energy rich areas such as Inner Mongolia and Gansu

is not only the biggest problem in the development of onshore wind power in China, but also an important reason for power giants to pursue offshore wind power

on May 7 this year, Changjiang New Energy Development Co., Ltd., affiliated to China Three Gorges Project Development Corporation, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on offshore wind power development with Yancheng City. In 2010, Changjiang New Energy Development Co., Ltd. will start the construction of 100000 kW to 200000 kW offshore pilot wind farms near Yancheng, and will build a million KW offshore wind farm in the long term. On May 15, the East China branch of China Guodian Corporation and Lianyungang City signed a letter of intent for the investment and development of offshore wind farms in Ganyu and Guanyun counties, seeking a layout for participating in the local offshore wind power development

3 wind turbine enterprises "technology is king" to compete for the market

at present, offshore wind power technology has not been mature in western developed countries for a long time, while China is still in its infancy. Domestic and foreign wind turbine enterprises have been eyeing the market cake and stepping up industrial layout and technology research and development. However, who can seize more market share will be a "technology is king" competition

5. Denmark Vestas, the wind power equipment manufacturer with the largest development trend in the industry, and Siemens of Germany announced their entry into the Chinese wind power market at the same time

among domestic wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai Electric is developing 2 MW and 3.6 MW offshore wind turbines. Guangdong Mingyang wind power is one of the five wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises delineated by the national development and Reform Commission. It is developing a 3MW offshore wind turbine, which is expected to be offline by the end of the year

Guangdong Mingyang wind power said frankly that 20% to 30% of the company's raw materials and some core components come from abroad, which is the case for offshore fan manufacturing in the whole domestic fan industry

Zhang Xiangmu, director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the 6th Asian Wind Energy Conference and China International Green Energy Forum that at present, almost all of China's wind turbine manufacturing technology is bought from abroad, and domestic enterprises are more engaged in assembly. The core components of wind turbines, including bearings, current transformers and control systems, have not fully mastered the core technology and do not have production capacity

industry insiders believe that in the development of offshore wind power, domestic industry leading enterprises should take the lead in product research and development, and create "independent brands" with market recognition and excellent quality as soon as possible. (Ye Chao)

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