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Petroleum chamber of Commerce: PetroChina opens up three areas to private capital on August 11, Ma Li, Secretary General of the petroleum chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that in order to implement the 36 articles of the national new law, PetroChina opens up three areas to private capital: natural gas pipeline construction and operation, refined oil sales and equipment manufacturing

among the three areas liberalized by PetroChina, domestic private enterprises in the equipment manufacturing business have long been involved, and liberalizing the operation of natural gas pipelines and the sales of refined oil have become the focus of attention. This is also the first time that PetroChina has liberalized the operation of natural gas pipelines and the sales of refined oil since the promulgation of Article 36 of the national new law. However, PetroChina has not yet released specific operating rules

in May 2010, the state issued "new 36 articles" to expand the field of private capital investment, encouraging private capital to participate in oil and gas exploration and development, as well as participate in the construction of storage and transportation of crude oil, natural gas and refined oil, and pipeline transmission facilities and networks from scratch

on August 4, Li Xinhua, deputy general manager of PetroChina, and his party of more than 10 people appeared at the West Lake State Hotel in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, where PetroChina first introduced 119 PetroChina projects to private capital in Zhejiang Province, with a total investment of 200billion. According to Zhejiang media reports, 119 projects involve five categories: pipeline construction and overseas development

PetroChina's investment trip to Zhejiang this time, opening the management rights of natural gas pipelines and liberalizing the sales of refined oil have become a highlight. Relevant people believe that natural gas pipelines have always been exclusively operated by PetroChina and Sinopec, and many gas companies spend a lot of energy every year negotiating with PetroChina and other enterprises about the gas consumption of the next year. He said that if private capital such as gas companies can participate in the operation of pipelines, the ability to obtain resources will be greatly improved

Mary said that PetroChina will attract private capital to produce single and double (multi) component polyurethane waterproof coatings to enter the joint operation of natural gas pipelines. In the field of refined oil sales, we will cooperate with private gas stations and private oil enterprises in oil storage and transportation, etc. to test the performance of car seat torsion springs. She said that private oil enterprises are fully capable of participating in the fields opened by PetroChina. For example, at present, some domestic private oil enterprises' oil storage depots have more than 100000 cubic meters, hundreds of thousands of cubic meters or even millions of cubic meters of energy storage, and everyone's enthusiasm for participation has been very high since this year

however, private oil enterprises with high enthusiasm can not help worrying about whether the proportion of joint ventures is also in accordance with the old "practice" of PetroChina accounting for 51% and private accounting for 49% if the two sides cooperate. A person in charge of private oil and gas said that private oil enterprises are vulnerable groups. Who will guarantee the interests of our shareholders when they make money

In this regard, Mary said that the Federation of industry and commerce is currently communicating with PetroChina, and protecting the interests of private enterprises has become the consensus of both sides. The relevant implementation rules are still being formulated and implemented. "There are some policy issues that need to be studied and solved jointly with PetroChina."

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