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The petroleum and chemical industry is expected to accelerate the recovery.

Li Shousheng, President of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, pointed out at the third China Petroleum and chemical industry supply chain development conference recently that the global economic growth will accelerate in 2017, and the petroleum and chemical industry is also expected to accelerate the recovery. The whole industry must seize the favorable opportunity to focus on innovation driven, green development, supply side reform, and the "the Belt and Road", Create a new situation of meaningful and solid development

Li Shousheng said that the petrochemical industry achieved a good start to the 13th five year plan through efforts in 2016. It is preliminarily predicted that the main business income of the whole industry will reach 13.26 trillion yuan this year, an increase of 1%; The profit of the whole industry was 644billion yuan, unchanged from the previous year. Although it has a good start, to fully achieve the goals of the 13th five year plan, the whole industry needs to take on greater responsibilities in 2017

constantly optimize the variety structure

Li Shousheng pointed out that 2017 is still a painful year to enter the new normal period, and it is also a turning year for China's economy to take cobalt resources as the driving force for structural adjustment and Optimization in accordance with torji. For the petrochemical industry, opportunities and challenges coexist. Therefore, China's petrochemical industry should seize the opportunity of the recovery of the global chemical industry and make new progress and breakthroughs in transformation, upgrading and innovation and reform

Li Shousheng stressed that the key work of the petrochemical industry in 2017 should have new ideas, new measures and new achievements. Specific measures include: first, solidly promote the implementation of innovation and development strategy, accelerate the construction of innovation platform, and strive to improve the innovation ability of the whole industry and enterprises. The second is to comprehensively implement the green development strategy and implement the five action plans for wastewater, waste gas, solid waste, energy conservation and safety management improvement to be deployed throughout the industry. The third is to speed up the supply side structural Rockwell hardness test and frequently show the "high-speed rail diplomacy" conditions, as shown in table 2-1, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the economic operation of the whole industry. Fourth, seize the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" and comprehensively improve the opening-up level of the whole industry. Take out the overall strategy of the "the Belt and Road" of the whole industry as soon as possible, form four business development advantages: resource exploration and development, foreign cooperation in production capacity, technical services and foreign trade, speed up the launch of a number of enterprises' "going out" projects, and comprehensively improve the level of opening up

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