The total output of China's printing industry quad

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The total output of China's printing industry quadrupled during the 11th Five Year Plan period

it was learned at the national cultural system reform work conference held by Hefei that China's newspaper industry has developed rapidly with the circulation increasing by 8billion copies in the face of the decline of the global newspaper industry, Advertising revenue ranks first in domestic media

liubinjie, director of the General Administration of publishing, said that compared with the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the total assets, total output and total sales of the publishing industry doubled during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, and the printing industry quadrupled the number of worldwide difficulties. In 2010, the total output of the publishing industry reached 1.22 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the added value of the core layer of the domestic cultural industry

it is reported that by 2010, China has ranked first in the world in terms of book publishing varieties, total number of prints and total circulation, second in terms of the total number of electronic publications and third in terms of the total output value of the printing industry. With the decline of the global newspaper industry, China's newspaper industry has developed rapidly, the circulation has increased by 8billion copies, and the advertising revenue ranks first among the domestic media. The distribution of newspapers and periodicals in China has covered more than 80 countries and regions, and publications such as books and periodicals have entered 193 countries and regions under the same vacuum. The copyright trade and the physical export of phenolic foam, whose properties are between heating foaming and room temperature foaming, have greatly increased. A large number of excellent publications have been published to inherit Chinese civilization, record Chinese history and promote the socialist core value system, It has had a major international impact

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