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The total investment of 230 key projects in Beijing this year reached 1315.7 billion yuan

the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the supervision office of the Beijing Municipal Government jointly held the 2017 Beijing key project construction deployment meeting. In 2017, the city arranged 230 annual key projects, with a total investment of about 1315.7 billion yuan, and a planned investment of about 274.4 billion yuan that year. It has mainly arranged projects in five major areas, including the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, high-end and sophisticated industries, ecological environment improvement, infrastructure and people's livelihood improvement

in 2017, 62 key projects were arranged for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, with a planned investment of about 57.7 billion yuan this year. The construction of the urban sub center is a landmark work to ease the non capital functions. This year, 28 projects, including the energy station in the starting area of the administrative office area, the East extension of Guangqu road and Songliang Road, will be implemented with a total investment of 45.2 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 13.4 billion yuan in 2017

this year, Beijing will accelerate the pace of relieving and improving a number of educational and medical resources. It is important that Zhengye international point implement nine projects, including the relocation of Huairou campus of Beijing Film Academy, Shunyi District of Friendship Hospital, and Tiantan Hospital. Among them, the phase II of Liangxiang campus of Beijing industrial and Commercial University and TongZhou campus of Renmin University of China are successful in the preliminary work. Construction will start one after another during the year. The relocation of Tiantan Hospital will be completed and put into use in the fourth quarter of this year, These projects will accelerate the rational flow and optimal allocation of the city's high-quality education resources and medical resources to reach 50000 safe and reliable tons/year for this single set of devices

in 2017, there were 26 key projects to improve people's livelihood, including 1 policy housing project, 11 shanty town reconstruction projects, and 14 public services and convenience facilities. The annual planned investment reached 108.1 billion yuan, an increase of 31.2% year-on-year. The annual planned investment in policy oriented housing projects is 73billion yuan, up 21.7% year on year. It is clear that 50000 sets of indemnificatory housing will be built and raised, and 60000 sets will be completed

in the shanty town transformation and environmental renovation work in 2017, the goal of the annual shanty town transformation is to complete the transformation of 36000 households, with an annual planned investment of 30.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 58.4%, focusing on 11 projects, including the transformation of Beixin'an shanty town a, the transformation of Wangtan shanty Town, the protection and renovation of four hutongs in Nanluoguxiang area, and the transformation of Jingchang road wedge-shaped green shanty town, Among them, the North Xin'an shantytown reconstruction area a project will start the housing acquisition and resettlement housing construction, and the four Hutong protection and renovation project in the South Luoguxiang area will strive to be completed by the end of the year

in 2017, the planned investment for the new airport terminal is about 6.85 billion yuan. In mid March, the concrete structure capping of the terminal core area and the corridor project has been realized, and the steel structure installation phase has been fully transferred. The terminal will be completed before the end of the year

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in line with the goal of making Beijing an original innovation highland, Beijing has arranged 31 "high-precision and advanced" industrial projects this year, with an annual planned investment of 43.6 billion yuan. The annual planned investment in the cultural tourism industry is 16.4 billion yuan, and the construction of Beijing International Cultural Commodity Exhibition and trading center, China Songzhuang Art town and Beijing Kunming International Cultural Center will start one after another. The first phase of universal Beijing Theme Park and resort is planned to invest 9.86 billion yuan this year, which will complete the site earthwork padding, secondary municipal construction, pile foundation construction, and start the prefabrication of steel structures. The park project of Beijing World Horticultural Exposition continues to be comprehensively promoted, with an annual planned investment of 5.35 billion yuan. The construction of supporting pipe gallery, municipal roads, water supply pipelines and other projects will be started in succession

rail transit construction has reached a new peak. It will spare no effort to promote 20 (sections) and more than 350 kilometers of lines under construction, which will be the year with the largest number of lines under construction, the longest mileage under construction and the heaviest task in the history of rail construction in Beijing

in 2017, Yanfang line, Xijiao line and S1 line (from shimenying to Jin'anqiao this year) will be built and opened in the city, with a length of about 34.6 km. These three lines have their own characteristics, greatly enriching the types of rail transit in Beijing: Yanfang line is the first fully automatic driving line in Beijing and the first industrialized driverless line in mainland China; The west suburb line is the first modern tram in the city; Line S1 is the first medium and low speed maglev line in Beijing. In addition, in 2017, it is planned to start two new lines, CBD line and Yanfang line branch line, with a length of about 12.6 km. Their commencement will realize the full commencement of the existing rail transit construction planning lines in the city

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