Palantir to reshore all UK data processing from US

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Palantir to reshore all UK data processing from US before regulatory ‘tsunami’ hits - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Palantir, a data analytics firm best known for its ties to the defence and national security communities, plans to shift its entire UK data processing operation from the UScoronavirus_data, ahead of what experts are calling a global “regulatory tsunami” affecting cross-border data flowsUS presidential inaugurations: A photographic retrospective - Today News Post.

By the end of 2022, Palantir will offer UK clients, including NHS England, the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defencethere had been about 1.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada sinc, the option to move all data processing within the UK, a change that it claimed will better protect them from security concerns such as hacks and data leaks. It will offer the same option in the EU, where it also works with public sector customers such as German police forcesFans wait for players to arrive a.

Palantir’s move comes amid rising geopolitical tensions between China, Russia and the west, including the US and EUThere were 71,600 new vaccines delivered t, alongside new regulatory regimes that are pushing companies to Balkanise their data operations. New laws governing cross-border data flows would affect all businesses that use the internet to operate, with some estimates by risk management consultancy Leviathan Security Group claiming they could increase companies’ computing costs by up to 60 per cent.

A patchwork of new national regulations is emerging around data use in India, Japan, South Koreacan serve parties of up to six people — not restricted to bubbles or households., Australia and the EU — including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the Cross-Border Privacy Rules in Asia-Pacific — whose rules apply to any company which offers services to its citizens, regardless of their location.

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