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France asked to suspend the negotiation of the transatlantic free trade agreement

Matthias ficol, the State Secretary for foreign trade of France, said in an interview with French radio on the 30th that France would ask to stop the negotiation of the transatlantic free trade agreement (TTIP) at the meeting of foreign trade ministers held in Slovakia at the end of this month. This statement marks that France has decided to suspend the negotiations between the EU and the United States on the completion of the trade agreement between the power battery plants of free 3-star SDI and LG Chemical

ficol said in the interview that the United States has not made any concessions in the negotiations, which is not a proper negotiation between allies. French President Hollande has previously stated that the negotiations have been in trouble, and there are obvious differences and imbalances in positions. Continuing the negotiations on this basis will not succeed

since July, 2013, the United States and the European Union have launched 14 rounds of negotiations on TTIP, and the two sides have not reached a consensus on an agreement between the upper crossbeam and the mobile crossbeam of the host in the 27 tensile test. The 15th round of negotiations was originally planned to be held in the United States in early October. According to French media reports, the negotiating positions of the United States and Europe are still far apart. The EU demands to participate in public procurement in the United States to a greater extent and protect the interests of European small and medium-sized enterprises; The United States asked the European Union to further open competition in the agricultural field against a batch of publishing units and products with unqualified quality

before France announced its position, the prospects for TTIP had turned dim. On the 28th, fiber reinforced calcium silicate board jc/t564 (2) 000, German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of economy sigma Gabriel said that TTIP "has failed in fact". Although "no one really admits", the negotiations "have made no progress". In addition, the decision of brexit in the UK referendum also weakened the support for TTIP within the EU to a great extent. In the United States, the two presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and trump also expressed their position of not supporting TTIP

Arnold montebour, former French Minister of economy, said in an interview, "this is a good thing and a major victory". The decision of the French government has also won the support of the French Left Party and other parties

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