Baidu's new routine on the hottest April Fool's Da

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Baidu's new routine on April Fool's day, AI put it down: don't go to work today

"don't go to work today"

what will you do, such as spring steel, when you hear this sentence on April Fool's day

honest AI will completely follow your instructions

Baidu's AI has skipped his lower experimental speed class today

on April Fool's day over the years, the innovation ability of major Internet companies has been unprecedented released

all kinds of black technologies soar to the sky, and imagine the bright prospects brought by artificial intelligence

Baidu went the other way this year. A group of April Fool's Day posters with "Ai doesn't work today" successfully caught people's attention outside the routine

"human eye recognition", "hand translation", "trunk driving"...

what will our life be like without AI

although ordinary people do not have a deep perception of AI applications, in fact, our lives have been inextricably linked with AI

Baidu posters show you the support behind AI products with a relaxed and humorous attitude. AI technology has been gradually enabled to land, affecting and changing all aspects of our lives...

driverless integrates a variety of cutting-edge technologies, and each car is a good hand at "seeing six directions and listening to all directions". The world's first driverless mass-produced minibus. 2. According to the requirements of the test piece, Apollon has safely driven tens of thousands of kilometers. Tourists in Haidian Park have long been used to thinking that this car without a driver is common and strange

face gate relies on face recognition technology, which greatly simplifies the process. It is widely used in parks and enterprises. Biomedical materials science and engineering are always inseparable from its terminal products (generally refers to medical implants)

a translator that can listen and speak, which invokes natural language understanding technology to achieve simultaneous interpretation, often appears in various high-level conferences

smart speakers that can listen and speak have almost become the standard configuration of modern home life. They wake you up, keep you fit, and help you learn to cook step by step

as for image search, which can know what flowers, birds and stars by dragging photos into the search bar, it has already become a part of our daily life

this group of April Fool's Day Posters Released by Baidu, with "artificial" instead of artificial intelligence, not only makes people feel the close connection between artificial intelligence and life, but also makes people can't help but imagine the wonderful application of artificial intelligence in more fields in the future. It's really waiting to see

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