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LCA based evaluation of moon cake packaging (II)

life cycle inventory analysis of moon cake packaging materials

3. I objective and scope determination

the whole life cycle of moon cake packaging materials can be divided into several procedures, such as energy materials, product manufacturing, product sales, product use, recycling and disposal. Each program can be divided into several subroutines, and all subroutines in the product life cycle process, including 3jing chemical, Xinyue chemical, 3ling plastic, Dongli, Sumitomo chemical, big game Lu, etc., take up different lengths of time, and the pollutants discharged to the environment are also different. See Figure 1 for their life cycle system

3.2 list analysis of moon cake packaging materials

at present, the total annual output of plastic in the world has exceeded 100 million tons, and the plastic used for packaging accounts for 30% of the whole plastic market. Plastic was used in the three selected packages. The results showed that for moon cakes with man, the excessive packaging consumed energy, consumables and water, and the amount of pollutants discharged was almost twice that of ordinary packaging, and more than four times that of bulk packaging. See Table 2 for the list analysis of plastic production process. Since the BOD content of water pollutants discharged by plastics in the whole life cycle is small, it is ignored. See the literature for the basic analysis data of the plastic list per unit mass

the pollution level of China's paper industry has been relatively serious. The annual discharge of toxic waste liquid reaches 5 billion tons, accounting for 1/6 of the national waste water discharge, of which organic pollutants account for about 1. Promote the establishment of a sharing platform for hazardous chemicals regulatory information/4. In addition, waste gas and solid waste are also produced. In the spring of the three kinds of packaging, paper is used in both over packaging and ordinary packaging. The paper consumption, energy consumption, water consumption and pollutant emission of over packaging are almost four times that of ordinary packaging. The inventory analysis of paper is shown in Table 3. During the whole life cycle of paper, the amount of emissions (hydrocarbons but the proportion of extruder outlet is still low) is very small and ignored. See document f8] for the basic analysis data of the list of unit mass paper

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