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Layout of Shenyang machine tools in the Pearl River Delta to create 5D industrial practice samples

layout of Shenyang machine tools in the Pearl River Delta to create 5D industrial practice samples

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under the strategic picture of "made in China 2025", how can the machine tool industry break through the embarrassing situation of declining production and sales and squeezed profits? The strategic exploration of Shenyang machine tool provides a reference sample for traditional enterprises to turn to intelligent manufacturing

on June 3, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jiangmen people's Government on intelligent manufacturing and the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Enping people's government and Enping machinery industry association was held in Shenyang Machine Tool Numerical control industrial park. In the process of made in China 2025, following the strategic Conference on April 20, Shenyang machine tool group proposed to form a new modern economic business form of 5D industry with "i5" intelligent manufacturing + industrial interconnection + services + Finance + big data + remanufacture

At the

Symposium of intelligent manufacturing demonstration park, relevant personnel of Jiangmen municipal government introduced the promotion of Jiangmen's investment environment, the situation of the industrial park and the promotion of the development of advanced (equipment) manufacturing industry. Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, explained that with the concept of new industrialization, the impact experiment in the Zhuxi region in conjunction with the Jiangmen Municipal People's government can not only test the impact resistance of components, but also promote the strategic thinking of new economic business forms; On behalf of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Zhaobiao, President of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Jiangmen municipal government and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. with Wu Guojie, vice mayor of Jiangmen City; The three party strategic cooperation framework agreement between Enping municipal government, Enping Machinery Industry Association and Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was signed with xueweidong, mayor of Enping City, and heguangjian, President of Enping Machinery Industry Association

Deng weigen, the mayor of Jiangmen City, Lin Feiming, the Secretary General of the municipal government, Liang Qihua, the Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the heads of the jurisdiction (city), the heads of relevant units directly under Jiangmen City, and the heads of relevant enterprises attended the signing ceremony

Jiangmen City is the main battlefield for Guangdong to develop the advanced equipment manufacturing industry in the west of the Pearl River Delta. We encourage the development of the advanced equipment industry, and welcome and support Shenyang machine tool and its affiliated enterprises to expand the advanced equipment industry and its derivative economic business in Jiangmen. During the cooperation period, the Jiangmen municipal government gave policy support to Shenyang Machine Tool Group to cooperate with Jiangmen colleges and universities and vocational colleges to establish i5 intelligent numerical control equipment and industry 4.0 training (Practical) training center. With the support of the Guangdong provincial government, it plans to build Zhuxi intelligent manufacturing equipment Industrial Park as a platform to undertake Shenyang machine tool group

Shenyang Machine Tool Group will take the lead in building the "i5 intelligent manufacturing demonstration park" in Jiangmen, and work together to build this park into a national intelligent manufacturing sample of "made in China 2025" and strive to become the world's advanced aviation material supplier "industry 4.0". Among them, Shenyang Machine Tool Group introduced the relevant national projects of intelligent manufacturing and the innovation alliance system into the park, and set up manufacturing talent school enterprise training centers respectively; Shenyang Machine Tool Industry Service Center; Productivity Promotion Center; Guangdong Branch of "Intelligent Cloud manufacturing" center; Remanufacturing center, etc. Focus on local industries and provide solutions for local enterprises in the fields of technology, equipment, talents, workshop planning, lean production, equipment trusteeship, automation, etc. Through the "Intelligent Cloud manufacturing" platform of Shenyang machine tool, we should innovate production methods, fully mobilize social manufacturing resources, and realize the coordinated development of the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain. And the old equipment will be upgraded and transformed according to the green remanufacturing standard, so that the equipment can regain new manufacturing capacity and promote the development of green industrial manufacturing

in addition, Shenyang machine tool will also provide technical, personnel, teachers, courses and other support, jointly cultivate industrial 4.0 high skilled talents with equipment automation, intelligent production, informatization of process management and modern management for local industries, provide a perfect talent support system for the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in Zhuxi, and build the most advanced talent echelon training institution of technology system in South China

build an advanced base in Enping

the Jiangmen industrial transfer park within the jurisdiction of Enping City, Enping park has been recognized as Guangdong provincial industrial transfer park and provincial demonstration industrial transfer park. The main members of Enping Machinery Industry Association are enterprises in the machinery zone of Enping park. Enping Park introduces the mature industrial chain of Foshan machinery and equipment industry in the mode of "Park in park". It mainly produces advanced numerical control equipment, machinery and general-purpose production units, and its products are widely used

during the cooperation period, Shenyang machine tool will strengthen the cooperation with member enterprises of Enping Machinery Industry Association, provide advanced application software, mature processing modules, scientific industrial engineering planning and management schemes, and build Enping Park into a gathering area for foam granulator intelligent equipment manufacturing industry with advanced requirements through the promotion and application of the latest and most advanced i5 system operation of Shenyang machine tool in Enping Machinery Industry Association, Achieve the strategic goal of "made in China 2025"

Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will actively give play to the industry benchmark advantages, take advantage of the opportunity of Enping to vigorously develop the advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, and jointly build the machinery and equipment industry chain with Enping Machinery Industry Association to provide Enping machinery and equipment industry with all-round technical cooperation such as technical guidance, talent training, management output and after-sales service. At the same time, strengthen the cooperation with Enping vocational and technical education center to cultivate professionals required by the high-end machinery and equipment industry for Enping park. Build a product supply guarantee system covering Enping advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, introduce Shenyang machine tool products to member enterprises of Enping Machinery Industry Association, and Shenyang machine tool will recycle and replace the old Shenyang machine tool equipment of Enping Machinery Industry Association into new advanced intelligent equipment

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