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LCD raw material supplier with the widest product line in China

with the evolution of China's liquid crystal display industry TN LCD → STN LCD → CSTN temperature sensing rod: screw in thermocouple LCD → TFT LCD, the company's product line continues to expand, from ITO conductive glass to tn/stn/cstn color filter (CF); In recent years, the company has invested in CF and TFT-LCD empty box production lines for TFT-LCD; With the rapid development of touch-screen products such as PDA, intelligent and car display, the company is also about to provide customers with resistive touch-screen products. So far, the company will become a domestic LCD raw material supplier with the widest product line, serving small and medium-sized LCD manufacturers

tft-lcd industry transfer has just begun. The company is in the transition period from CSTN to TFT products, and the prospect of TFT-LCD industry is the decisive factor for the future of the company. China has developed into the world's largest tn/stn LCD panel production base and the main CSTN LCD panel production base; With the transfer of TFT-LCD modules, the trend of small and medium-sized TFT-LCD production lines to China has just begun. Therefore, the position of TFT-LCD in the life cycle is different from the highly mature tn/stn/cstn industry, which has almost completed the transfer of polishing to low-cost areas. Judging from the dominant position of Japanese manufacturers in the industry, leading manufacturers in Chinese Mainland will have more cost advantages and profitability

technology is at the leading level in the world. Compared with the subsequent process of LCD, the production of LCD raw materials has more technical barriers. To a certain extent, the company can span multiple product materials: display technologies, and has a full set of seven technologies for CF production, such as ultra-thin glass cutting, edging, polishing technology, ITO understanding, and various coating technologies, CF production technology, and graphic processing technology. From the perspective of the yield, the core factor affecting the profitability of each company, the pass rate of Laibao ITO conductive glass and CF products is stable at about 99%, while the average pass rate of CF products in the same industry in China is less than 90%. The increase of product qualification rate reduces the number of defective products and reduces the cost shared by unit products. Under the condition of basically the same selling price, the company's products can obtain higher gross profit margin

continue to maintain good profitability. The high profitability of Laibao comes from its high quality rate, low investment cost, high-end product positioning and low production cost in China, thus forming the competitive advantage of the company against domestic and foreign competitors. The company's ability to accurately grasp new investment opportunities in the industry also enables the company to continuously improve its income structure and maintain a high profit space

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