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As a typical resource-based region, the transformation and development of Shanxi has been attracting much attention

since 2017, Shanxi has set up the first provincial, all-round and systematic national resource-based economic transformation comprehensive supporting reform pilot area, Shanxi transformation comprehensive reform demonstration area, which aims to create replicable and replicable experience through trial first, reform and innovation, and create a benchmark province that can be used for reference by similar provinces in the country

under such a strategic deployment, Liebherr mixing plant once again joined hands with Shanxi construction investment group to settle in Xiaohe Park, landing Shanxi's first construction waste recycling project. The annual capacity of the project is planned to consume 2million tons of construction waste, 500000 tons of ecological water stable mixture, 1million cubic meters of recycled concrete and 1million cubic meters of recycled high-quality permeable bricks

Shanxi construction investment has cooperation with many business divisions of Liebherr, which can be said to be a close friend of Liebherr. Therefore, Liebherr can continue to output its own skills in the process of green upgrading of Shanxi's construction industrial structure, experience every milestone and witness the pulse of development

in January 2021, the trial operation of Liebherr mixing plant single unit was successfully completed in Xiaohe Park of Shanxi comprehensive transformation

basic parameters of mixing plant

mixing plant

mixer type

mixer size


2 x betomix 3.0a- and temperatures such as r/dw

1 x betomix 2.25a-r/rim-d

2 x double horizontal shaft

1 x disc (double planet)

2 x 3.0m

1 x 2.25m

the aggregate silo adopts three-dimensional silo,

automatic feeding

if high-quality development is the compass for navigation on the road of transformation,

then high-tech products and technologies are undoubtedly tools for progress,

it determines the effectiveness of transformation

Liebherr has long established a center for mixing technology and test in Germany when the current density is 0.1a/g.

aims to understand every detail of the mixing process more deeply and further develop better products

at the same time, cooperate with users to test the special formula,

so as to provide the best scheme

this Liebherr technology test center, which has been running for more than 40 years, is an epitome of the professionalism of German technology

a full understanding of the core technology is the basis for the horizontal expansion of the field of homologous technology and the development of diversified products. In China, Liebherr mixing technology cooperates deeply with many emerging fields around the country to provide users with diversified solutions with social and economic benefits. Behind these achievements is Liebherr's long-term investment in technical resources. Having a strong technical storage is not only a projection of the urgent problems of exterior wall insulation

in terms of transformation and development, Shanxi should not only have a sense of urgency, but also have a long-term strategic plan. It should work for a long time. The right thing should be adhered to, not repeated, not tossed. If Shanxi can be the first to carve out a new path in the transformation and development, it will also be of reference significance to the same type of provinces in the country. Under the new economic normal, all industries should be full of this long-term tenacity

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