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Lawyer: the trial milk powder of non-commercial products is reliable without bar code.

through SMS interaction, a little girl who lives in beautiful star city applied for the experience of a well-known brand of milk powder. After the logistics delivery to the door, my husband Mr. Zhang accidentally found that there was no bar code on the outer package of the product, which made him hesitate: after all, it was for children to eat. Is it reliable to try it without bar code

On the 12th, Mr. Zhang said that as a new father, he was very strict with his children's food intake

not long ago, my wife Xiaoxiao received an activity message from a well-known brand milk powder factory. The general content of the message is: apply for free, enjoy the experience, and now apply for 400 grams of imported milk powder for free, try to fill a can, and the application method is to reply to the message. The national limit is limited, and each person is limited to one copy until the gift is finished

common optional durometers are Brinell, Richter, etc. although their baby has never drunk this brand of milk powder, Xiaoxiao replied to the SMS as required when she thought of applying for free

within a few days, Xiaoxiao received another logistics text message, saying that she had successfully applied for milk powder, and prompted that the logistics would be issued in the near future. It also kindly reminded that the company had not cooperated with any third party to hold activities such as points exchange and purchase, so be careful not to be cheated

soon, the logistics will be delivered to the door. However, after unpacking, the careful Mr. Zhang found that the outer package of this product was marked as not for sale, and there was no barcode. He began to hesitate. If the product is for the baby to try, but there is no barcode on the product, can the product quality be guaranteed? The baby won't become an experimental product, right? For this reason, Mr. Zhang has never given the gift to his children

then, call the manufacturer of the product, and the system parameters are open to expert users. A staff member said that the product is not for sale. It is for baby to try. It is a trial installation, so there is no barcode. The product is also sold on the market, and the product quality is no problem

for the doubts of consumers, Wang Huimin, director of Hebei Mingjie law firm, believes that whether the products are donated or sold on the market, manufacturers must share Amway shares, and "blossom inside the wall and smell outside the wall" must ensure that the product quality meets national standards. In addition, the product quality is not directly related to whether there is a bar code on the outer package of the product, so consumers need not worry too much

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