Baidu cloud, which puts AI in the C position the m

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Baidu cloud, which puts AI in position C, is introducing cloud computing into a new track

Baidu cloud, which puts AI in position C, is introducing cloud computing into a new track

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original title: Baidu cloud, which puts AI in position C, is introducing cloud computing into a new track

in the second half of 2018, to B ushered in unprecedented popularity and re promoted cloud computing

different from the identity of emerging businesses a few years ago, cloud computing, which is at the center of the storm, has long become the most intense battlefield for Internet giants and entrepreneurs, and has announced its long-awaited actions

Alibaba strives to expand the proportion of cloud computing in its financial statements and regards it as a new growth engine

Tencent's attitude is similar to that of Alibaba. After sensing the anxiety of peak traffic, industrial interconnection has become the second half of Tencent, and cloud computing is the starting point of transformation

Baidu once again played the role of "innovator". While accelerating the layout of cloud computing, it placed AI in the C position, and led the competition of cloud computing to a new track

The different choices of

bat inevitably remind people of IDC's previous view: making AI readily available is the new battlefield of cloud computing. 2018 may be the inflection point of this evolution

(Yin Shiming, vice president of Baidu and general manager of Baidu cloud)

AI of cloud computing

the integration of artificial intelligence and cloud computing did not happen in 2018. To be exact, it can be divided into three stages:

the first stage is the stage of "shouting slogans" around 2016; At that time, the concept of artificial intelligence had just risen, and cloud computing was still a new species that giants and entrepreneurs were jealous of. Some manufacturers who actively favored cloud computing began to tell stories around artificial intelligence

for example, as early as 2016, baidu proposed the "ABC" strategy at the cloud Intelligence Summit that year, integrating artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing; Google, which entered the public cloud market late, tried to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence, and later determined the "Ai first strategy", which directly affected the direction of Google cloud services; NADELLA changed Microsoft's slogan from "mobile firstcloud first" to "Intelligent Cloud and intelligent edge", and injected AI into cloud computing, intelligent edge and other platforms, products and services

the second stage is the stage of "shallow landing" since 2017; Facts have proved that the integration of cloud computing and artificial intelligence is not limited to slogans. There have been signs of blooming everywhere since 2017. Although most cloud manufacturers still focus on the "shallow landing" of the application layer, it also verifies the trend of the integration of AI and cloud computing

only in 2017, baidu cloud's "ABC strategy" continued to be implemented to avoid fluctuations in the enterprise equipment operation system due to human factors. Dueros and Apollo platforms of the production department were all based on Baidu cloud, and continued cooperation with Taikang Insurance, Minsheng Bank, Renren video, etc; Tencent cloud launched the "AI as a service" intelligent cloud, trying to deliver AI and other technical capabilities to all walks of life in the form of cloud services; Jinshan cloud has launched a variety of composite AI solutions and services, such as the deep learning platform KDL and so on; At the same time, speech recognition and face recognition have become "hot cakes" in the field of SaaS, such as Qupai cloud and so on

the third stage is the "deep application" stage starting in 2018; In addition to the futuristic applications such as unmanned cars, AI has become more and more widely used, such as providing prediction, automation, security, etc., which also determines the deep application and continuous mining of AI in cloud computing

(2018 Baidu abcinspire enterprise intelligence conference site)

Baidu cloud is still the leader in AI landing. In the primary industry, baidu cloud cooperates with Sinochem agriculture to achieve intelligent scheduling of production equipment, predict product output and quality, and improve planting efficiency; The cooperation between Baidu cloud ABC and Baowu group not only reduces the false positive rate, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency and realizes the intellectualization of production; In the application of the tertiary industry, Baixin bank has adopted the distributed it architecture of Baidu cloud to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase and lay a solid foundation for technology opening, and has implemented intelligent services such as smart accounts and smart risk control

the three stages of the integration of artificial intelligence and cloud computing also confirm the three types of roles played by artificial intelligence: at first, it was an option of cloud computing, and at that time, cloud computing was still competing for computing power and scale; Then there is the "divine assistance" of cloud computing competition, which is also the key chip of differentiated competition of cloud computing manufacturers; Nowadays, artificial intelligence has become the most important driving engine of cloud computing. After the demand of enterprises for cloud computing is stimulated, it has become the pioneer of cloud computing

long ago, some people compared cloud computing to water, coal and electricity in the Internet era, but all infrastructure is not static, but based on improving efficiency

according to this logic, AI seems to be the necessity of cloud computing. On the one hand, more and more enterprises choose to migrate to the cloud to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency increase, on the other hand, it brings a large number of 2 Experimental force error: ± 1% data explosion, data storage, processing, analysis and other sharp increases, AI is exactly the crux of cloud computing from quantitative change to qualitative change

then, when the competitive focus of cloud computing changes, the next step is likely to be the change of market pattern

(2018 Baidu abcinspire enterprise intelligence conference site)

a new round of beach race

Baidu cloud, which places AI in the C position, naturally has its own considerations

both cloud computing and artificial intelligence are big businesses with potential, but there will be no dichotomy of absolute division. Who can find the integration method of cloud computing and artificial intelligence and occupy unparalleled advantages in it is bound to affect the next round of competition

in fact, baidu is not the only company with the same idea

ibm recently launched AI openscale, which allows customers to build AI applications on all platforms, including Google tensorflow, Microsoft azureml, Amazon sagemaker, etc; Ma Huateng believes that "the change brought by cloud + artificial intelligence is like the innovation brought by electricity + computer". Tencent cloud has also publicly expressed its preference for "cloud computing + big data +ai"; Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei cloud Bu, said more than once, "the concept of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more generalized, and the key is application. The industrialization of AI in enterprises is enterprise intelligence"...

in this way, the new round of competition for AI in cloud computing will undoubtedly focus on three levels:

1. The comprehensive AI capability of cloud platforms

cloud computing provides powerful elastic computing and storage capabilities, resulting in a huge amount of data. AI needs to provide the ability to quickly and accurately process massive data, so as to generate the value of data explosion

as far as the domestic market is concerned, there is no lack of long-term thinking when Baidu cloud chooses the ABC Trinity strategy. Baidu is the first giant to deploy artificial intelligence in China. It has unparalleled advantages in comprehensive capabilities such as vision, voice, semantic understanding and deep learning. Baidu cloud brings these leading AI capabilities to the enterprise market, and then empowers all walks of life to achieve enterprise intelligence, which is a feasible path

from the perspective of Baidu cloud, the best time for cloud computing to enter the competition of AI's comprehensive strength is precisely to attack the other's shortcomings with its own strengths

2. The ecological openness of cloud services

traditional IT services are typical of giving fish. Early cloud computing realized giving fish. In the era of artificial intelligence, cooperative thinking may rise to giving fish ponds

Baidu cloud has put forward some personal views for this. We have set an example. On December 6, at the 2018 Baidu abcinspire enterprise intelligence conference, Yin Shiming, vice president of Baidu and general manager of Baidu cloud, officially announced that the edge computing platform created by Baidu cloud openedge will be fully open source, and we look forward to building a lightweight, safe, reliable and scalable edge computing community with the help of the power of the community, And then accelerate the landing of artificial intelligence in more industries

at the same time, baidu also announced the establishment of Baidu cloud ABC enterprise intelligence partner alliance at this conference, which indicates that Baidu will cooperate with upstream and downstream partners to form a strategic alliance on the landing of AI, and it does not rule out further actions

AI is still in its infancy, and the playing methods of alliance and ecology are the basic conditions for AI to land

taking robots as an example, the breadth and complexity of ecology are far beyond PC and intelligence, which can not be completed by one or two companies, and Baidu's "fishpond thinking" has been confirmed in the field of robots. Baidu cloud abcrobot robot open ecosystem has settled in 10 ontology businesses, created 20 robot products for the four categories of human shape, desktop, smart screen and XTM terminal, and actively landed in the airport, new retail, medical, financial, government and other scenes

3. Scenario and differentiation of cloud vendors

AI under the tuyere seems to need more rational thinking. For example, at present, the application of AI is still dominated by a single point of breakthrough, such as Baidu cloud, which makes cloud computing, big data, AI and various resources and solutions into a one-stop service output window, which has something to do with differentiation and scenario planning

to class C products are characterized by short cycle and fast update. The most suitable method is Blitzkrieg. As an enterprise level service, cloud computing cannot be separated from tob's thinking. The development cycle is long and the entry threshold is high. The ideal way to play is a marathon run. In other words, the competition for AI based cloud computing has just begun. In addition to AI's comprehensive ability and ecological openness, it also needs scenario based exploration and the creation of differentiated advantages. You know, enterprise level services rarely have a dominant situation, and how strong is often the most reasonable competition pattern

another purpose of Baidu cloud to put AI in the C position is to establish differentiation advantages in the AI field, and deeply cultivate vertical scenes through abc+iot, abc+blockchain, ABC + edge computing, etc. At least for now, baidu cloud has found the most suitable way to compete

(Li Shuo, deputy general manager of Baidu cloud)

written at the end

cloud computing has gone through 12 years since Amazon launched AWS in 2006, and has completed the transition from competing computing resources to competing efficiency and then to competing intelligence

the reason is that cloud computing is an infrastructure. Enterprises' access to the cloud makes data collection and summary more convenient, and then there is a fertile soil of artificial intelligence. It is not the guidance of a cloud manufacturer, but the inevitable evolution of cloud computing. At the same time, it is also forcing enterprises to recognize cloud computing. An inevitable trend is the integration of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, which is guiding the direction of digital transformation


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