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Liquid crystal display panel (LCD) camp is expected to accelerate the research and development of special-shaped cutting panel

research and adjustment: LCD camp promotes special-shaped cutting to compete with Samsung internationally. Yang Renjie, an analyst at DIGITIMES research, a research and adjustment institution, said that the liquid crystal display panel (LCD) camp is expected to accelerate the research and development of profiled cutting panels to compete with Samsung displays, which are unique in the active organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) camp

Yang Renjie said that with the popularity of the full screen with high aspect ratio among consumers and the 6th generation low temperature polysilicon (LTPs) liquid crystal panel production line in Greater China, the 6th to 8th generation metal oxide liquid crystal panel production lines have been mass produced in succession. The LCD panel camp is expected to accelerate the research and development, and more than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulator shaped cutting panels

he pointed out that recently, the highly anticipated iPhone X was officially launched, and the profiled cutting AMOLED panel with face ID face detection system was the most eye-catching. However, it was not the iPhone X that first adopted the profiled cutting panel in the world, but the Japanese Sharp's aquos S2 (sold only in greater China) and aquos r compact (sold only in Japan), both of which used sharp's exclusive metal oxide LCD panel, rather than AMOLED panel

Yang Renjie believes that AMOLED manufacturers competing with Samsung display for Apple orders, such as LG display, Japan display (JDI), but due to the rise in raw material prices and the non-standard actions of a few enterprises, as well as sharp, the production progress within ± 0.5% of the set value due to volume is not as expected. It is expected that the AMOLED panel used in iPhone will be at least in the first three quarters of next year, It will still be exclusively supplied by Samsung display

he bluntly said that although Apple once claimed that its AMOLED panel was specially designed to reduce the inevitable panel branding phenomenon of self luminous displays, this problem still exists after it was launched. Therefore, after the LCD panel camp improves the curved edge display characteristics of profiled cutting panels, it is expected to maintain the market share of high-level intelligent panels in the short term

source: Central News Agency

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