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On October 16, the 2018 customer World annual conference and the 14th golden ear mark cup award ceremony hosted by the customer world organization and hosted by CC CMM standards organization were successfully held in Beijing. At this annual customer World Conference, Baidu intelligent customer service was awarded the "2018 'golden ear mark cup' China's best customer center - excellent technology application Award" ", show Baidu's strength in the field of intelligent customer service.

as the largest industry event in the field of domestic customer service, the annual customer World Conference will gather top players in the field of front-line customer service. Baidu stands out from the crowded customer service track and becomes the" golden key "for the intelligent upgrading of enterprise customer service by virtue of its technological research and development and product application advantages in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and so on. In the "special topic on the innovation and development of China's cloud service enterprises" and the "2018 annual comprehensive analysis of China's cloud ecological market" recently released by Analysys, baidu cloud was rated as the most intelligent cloud service provider in China, which highlights the forward-looking layout of Baidu cloud in enabling industrial reform

Baidu ABC intelligent customer service innovation user experience

with the advent of intelligent society, enterprise services continue to be empowered, consumer demand continues to grow, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies promote the evolution of traditional customer service towards digital customer contract operation, and traditional customer satisfaction management continues to evolve into full-scale customers, although the reports so far are encouraging experience management

as an industry-leading AI technology company, baidu is committed to the research, development and upgrading of intelligent products and technologies, using ABC to endow. However, in fact, these materials are not domestic enterprises that cannot produce energy, helping traditional enterprises to upgrade their intelligence. Now various technologies and products have been successively applied to the whole industry. In terms of intelligent customer service, the quality of user experience is highly dependent on the perception of voice and semantics. Baidu is at the world leading level in speech recognition, natural craftsman language understanding, user portrait drawing through big data, etc. based on its 110+ai ability and technology accumulation in the field of cloud computing and big data, Baidu will build an intelligent customer service system for customers, promote the intelligent upgrading of customer centers, and provide enterprises with efficient, convenient and high-quality services. Please share this service in time and innovate the user experience

at this year's ABC summit Baidu cloud Intelligence Summit, baidu cloud launched the intelligent customer service platform that understands Chinese best in China. Relying on Baidu's full stack and rich AI underlying capabilities, it provides enterprise customers with full scene product solutions including IVR, outbound calls, knowledge base, etc. At the meeting, through on-site dialing Tianjin Unicom remote, baidu cloud staff conducted multiple rounds of interactive dialogue with intelligent customer service, and demonstrated services such as phone charge balance query and traffic packet handling. It is worth mentioning that the staff have a smooth dialogue with intelligent customer service through dialect, which fully reflects the ability of Baidu cloud intelligent customer service to hear clearly, understand and meet the needs of users in multiple scenarios

technology creates customer service knowledge brain and empowers enterprise users

Baidu intelligent customer service practice is not only reflected in the cooperation with China Unicom. In fact, baidu cooperated with udesk and Huanxin in the field of intelligent customer service earlier, combined with Baidu's leading AI technologies in the industry such as voice recognition and natural language understanding, as well as cloud computing and big data genes, to create AI based government/enterprise level intelligent customer service solutions; In the field of smart energy, Baidu cloud has built an intelligent customer service system for Guangdong Diandian that understands customers' thoughts, answers customers' questions, and does what customers mean. In addition, baidu cloud has also joined hands with China Eastern Airlines to build a new generation of intelligent customer service system to effectively address customers' personalized needs.

at present, in the tests of many enterprises, baidu cloud intelligent customer service solution has been able to target multiple types of business documents with the help of Baidu's long-term accumulated map technology (such as credit card business introduction, activity introduction, etc.) for analysis, the accuracy of knowledge analysis is more than 80%, and the maintenance time of completing a document knowledge is reduced from half an hour to minutes. At present, the number of documents that can be automatically parsed accounts for about 40% of the total. In the future, with the iteration of algorithm model, this proportion is expected to expand to 60%. In terms of effect, the accuracy of Baidu cloud intelligent customer service intention recognition and FAQ recognition has exceeded 95%, and it has achieved the leading level in the industry in terms of conversation fluency and intelligence

In the era of cloud 2.0, as baidu president Zhang Yaqin said, with the change of cloud computing architecture, the cloud will surpass the positioning of tools and become an intelligent change of capability architecture enabling industry. In the post information era, voice is becoming a new generation of interaction after click and touch. Baidu intelligent customer service won the flop of the annual customer World Conference, which shows its strong ABC strength. In the future, Baidu will further accelerate the construction of abc+ intelligent customer service ecosystem, improve user experience, and accelerate the implementation of digital economy

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