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The national equipment industry working conference will be held in Nanning, Guangxi on April 2-3. On the basis of summarizing the work of the past five years, 7. Analyzing the current situation in the process of testing, the meeting made clear the key tasks and work requirements for the next period. Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, attended the meeting and delivered a work report entitled reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, and accelerating the construction of a powerful country in the equipment manufacturing industry. Chen Gang, vice chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Su Bo pointed out that to build a powerful country in the equipment manufacturing industry in an all-round way, we must thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, comprehensively deepen reform, adhere to the principles of innovation driven, high-end guidance, basic support and green development, and complete the strategic transformation from a large country in the equipment manufacturing industry to a strong country in the equipment manufacturing industry step by step and in stages

vigorously developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the main battlefield for building a powerful country in equipment manufacturing industry in an all-round way. Su Bo stressed that we should strive to achieve major breakthroughs in several key areas, such as high-end CNC machine tools, electrical equipment, industrial robots and intelligent equipment, aviation equipment, marine and ocean engineering equipment, advanced rail transit equipment, energy conservation and new energy vehicles

Su Bo pointed out that the five years since the establishment of the Ministry of industry and information technology have been five years for the equipment manufacturing industry to withstand various difficulties and risks and achieve sustained, rapid and healthy development. The comprehensive strength of China's equipment manufacturing industry has soared, localization has reached a new level, significant progress has been made in the development of emerging industries, the international competitiveness of advantageous enterprises has been significantly enhanced, new steps have been taken in industrial agglomeration, and the construction of industrial management system has created a new situation

over the past five years, in the face of severe and complex domestic and international situations, the full-scale measurement system of industrial and information sensors has closely focused on the main line of transformation and upgrading, coordinated steady growth, adjusted structure, promoted innovation, vigorously promoted the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, paid close attention to the implementation of major policies and measures, and made significant progress in all aspects of work. First, strengthen planning and policy guidance to promote the healthy development of the industry; Second, organize and implement major projects to promote industrial technological innovation; Third, relying on the construction of major national projects, promote the autonomy of high-end equipment; Fourth, strive to promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading; Fifth, we should innovate industrial management ideas and methods and create a good development environment

analyzing the current situation at home and abroad, Su Bo pointed out that China's economy is entering a transitional development period of medium and high-speed growth, facing a significantly different internal and external environment from the past. The profound changes in the international and domestic situation have brought unprecedented risks and challenges to China's equipment manufacturing industry. However, the basic factors supporting the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry have not changed. On the whole, the opportunities for development outweigh the challenges. In the new era, we must accelerate the transformation of the equipment manufacturing industry from big to strong, and use the prosperity and strength of the equipment manufacturing industry to support the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

according to the strategy department, the consumption of cobalt in the field of lithium batteries has now accounted for 60% of the total. China will step into the camp of powerful countries in the equipment manufacturing industry in three steps. By 2025, China's equipment manufacturing industry will enter the second phalanx of world equipment manufacturing powers, and some advantageous industries will take the lead to achieve large and strong; By 2035, China's equipment manufacturing industry will rank in the forefront of the world's second phalanx and become a real equipment manufacturing power; By 2050, China's equipment manufacturing industry will enter the first array of world equipment manufacturing powers and become a global leading and influential equipment manufacturing power

Su Bo stressed that in this process, we must firmly grasp the key tasks in eight aspects, namely, establish and improve the industrial technology innovation system; Actively build a new mechanism for the deep integration and development of industrialization and industrialization; Focus on strengthening the manufacturing foundation; Comprehensively promote the construction of quality brand; Actively promote green manufacturing; Accelerate the cultivation of enterprise groups with global competitiveness; Accelerate the development of modern manufacturing services; We will vigorously promote the export of Chinese equipment

Su Bo required that we should unswervingly deepen reform in an all-round way, actively adapt to environmental changes, focus on the core of dealing with the relationship between the government and the market, effectively transform government functions, innovate administrative management methods, and create new conditions for the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry

Su Bo stressed that vigorously developing the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the main battlefield to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading and comprehensively build a powerful country in the equipment manufacturing industry. We must attach great importance to and speed up the promotion, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in several key areas

in the field of high-end CNC machine tools, we should focus on the development of core technologies such as high-speed and precision horizontal machining centers, turning and milling composite machining centers, and improve the reliability and accuracy retention of high-end CNC machine tools. By 2020, the overall technical level of China's CNC machine tools will enter the international advanced ranks. The market share of domestic medium and high-end CNC systems will reach more than 50%, and the market share of domestic CNC machine tools in key military fields such as aerospace will reach more than 80%

in the field of power equipment, we should speed up the independent research and development of new generation nuclear power equipment and shale gas comprehensive utilization equipment. Accelerate the implementation of major national science and technology projects such as nuclear power and gas turbines, and significantly improve the ability of independent innovation. By 2020, the power equipment manufacturing industry as a whole will rank among the international advanced ranks, including thermal power, hydropower and UHV power transmission and transformation complete sets of equipment to reach the international leading level

in the field of industrial robots and intelligent equipment, through independent research and development of key components and devices such as industrial communication networks, numerical control systems and artificial intelligence technology, we will focus on breaking through a number of CNC generation products and intelligent manufacturing equipment for important industries of the national economy. We will strive to select key industries to carry out intelligent manufacturing pilot on the basis of digital manufacturing before 2020. After 2020, we will fully implement intelligent manufacturing and basically form an international competitive advantage in high-end manufacturing

in the field of aviation equipment, we should speed up the development and production of ARJ21 turbofan regional aircraft, new turboprop regional aircraft and C919 single channel trunk aircraft, promote the industrialization of civil transport aircraft, and internationally cooperate in the development of wide body trunk aircraft. Through the implementation of major special projects of large aircraft science and technology, industrialization projects of regional and general-purpose aircraft, civil aircraft scientific research and other special plans, the independent innovation ability and product competitiveness of domestic civil aircraft will be improved. By 2020, the domestic new market share of domestic trunk aircraft will reach more than 5% through deformation, height and force measurement, and the domestic market share of regional and general-purpose aircraft will be greatly increased

in the field of ships and marine engineering equipment, we should comprehensively improve the design and manufacturing level of mainstream ships and high-tech ships, form a series of products with excellent technical economy and environmental coordination, and build international famous brands in all fields. Strengthen the independent research and development of key systems and equipment and the construction of system integration capacity. By 2020, the international market share of ships will be further consolidated and improved, and the international market share of offshore engineering equipment will reach more than 35%

in the field of advanced rail transit equipment, we should vigorously develop high-speed and intercity multiple units, heavy haul and fast freight trains, etc. By implementing the special project of advanced rail transit equipment and key components, we will improve the innovation ability of high-end rail transit equipment and core components and systems, and form a technological innovation system with sustainable innovation ability by 2020, providing a strong guarantee for advanced rail transit equipment to enter the international market

in the field of energy saving and new energy vehicles, we should speed up the pilot demonstration of new energy vehicles, and focus on promoting the industrialization of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. By 2020, the production capacity of new energy vehicles will reach 2million, and the average fuel consumption of energy-saving passenger vehicles will fall below 4.5 liters/100 kilometers

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