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How to let the environmental protection and environmental testing instruments in the food industry give the answer

if someone tells you that eating beef at home may aggravate greenhouse pollution, do you believe it? Diet is one of the necessary conditions for human survival. The environment is the same, and there seems to be a certain connection between food and the environment because of human beings. Recently, with regard to the impact of the food system on the environment, British media reported that a comprehensive data analysis showed that significantly reducing meat consumption was crucial to avoiding dangerous climate change. The professor who carried out this study also put forward: "either let the food industry protect the environment, 60 mesh wood flour or eat up the earth: This is today's choice." And how to make the food industry environmental protection, environmental testing instruments seem to solve the problems of difficult manufacturing and poor accuracy of the lead screw lifting device of the tensile testing machine, so as to give the answer

beef greenhouse effect? Production line pollution that cannot be ignored

perhaps many people still cannot understand why human diet will indirectly destroy the environment and eat up the earth. It is better to start with an interesting but terrible theory - beef greenhouse effect. The greenhouse efficiency of beef means that the greenhouse gases emitted during beef production will be much higher than that of meat. Randomly, with the growth of beef consumption, the greenhouse effect will also intensify. From this field, it is not difficult to find that the production line is one of the main reasons why food destroys the environment

if we discuss the production line pollution in depth, we will also find that the environmental pollution behind it is actually more complex. After the beef greenhouse effect was proposed, some scientists made some research on the impact of food production on the environment, and described the research results. Here, the reasons are generally divided into the following two aspects: first, the pollution generated in the process of breeding and planting; 2、 Pollution during transportation

environmental monitoring instruments help improve food production lines

the first is the pollution produced in the process of breeding and planting, which is mainly caused by three reasons: animal excreta and methane produced when digesting food materials; The impact of fruit, vegetable and feed planting on the ability of atmospheric self-healing (mainly a series of problems caused by the reduction of forest area); The impact of pesticides used in the planting of fruits and vegetables and feed on the environment

at present, the most direct solution to the environmental problems arising from this level is to return farmland to forests, reduce the use of pesticides, and transform and utilize biological energy from biological excreta. It is believed that the key to solving these problems lies in how to ensure the output of fruits, vegetables and feed while returning farmland to forests, and reduce the use of pesticides and other items that may directly cause pollution. To do this, we must first ensure that the land environment is suitable for afforestation and that soil fertility can effectively help increase the production of agricultural products. At this time, all kinds of soil testing instruments will start to show their strength

such as soil nutrient rapid measuring instrument, which is mainly used to measure the main nutrients in the soil, such as water, salt, pH value and so on. By measuring the nutrients in the soil, it can help to allocate better fertilization schemes during farming, avoid environmental pollution caused by excessive use of fertilizers, and increase the yield of grain. In addition, there is a special liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry instrument for the detection of soil pollutants. This instrument has been optimized in the detection of soil, which is more portable. At the same time, it can meet the needs of relevant inspectors to spot check the soil conditions and make timely treatment

the key to transportation pollution lies in exhaust gas detection

another preliminary estimate of the impact of the food system on environmental pollution. The key reason for the maximum load required for the tensile test piece lies in the natural energy consumed during transportation and the polluted gas emitted. With the relevant developers claiming that this 3D printability can print various types of biomaterials through a fully integrated system, the gradual development of transportation systems and the improvement of residents' living standards, the food eaten by urban residents often comes from relatively rural areas, pastures and other places, and the pollution generated by transportation is naturally unpredictable. In this regard, environmental detection instruments such as automobile exhaust gas detection system and air multi parameter detection system can play a great role. Through appropriate instruments, avoid excessive emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitride, carbon monoxide and PM2.5 during food transportation, which is also a favorable means to avoid environmental pollution of the food system

the reform of traditional farming methods is also the key.

beef greenhouse effect is proposed largely because beef is the main energy source in the eating habits of Europeans and Americans. However, if the environmental pollution of the food system is investigated, Asians, mainly Cereals, should also pay attention to the impact of the food system on the environment. Many years ago, some environmentalists questioned the fire tillage method. Although this method can effectively deal with agricultural waste and increase land fertility, it has certain hidden dangers to the surrounding environment and will cause environmental pollutants such as PM2.5

obviously, in terms of environmental protection in the food industry and eating up the earth, we can only choose the former, but this does not mean that all I have to do is "eat less meat", improve the mode of food production and transportation, and monitor the pollution problems on the production line, which may be the key to achieving environmental protection in the food industry in a real sense

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