How to make SF6 free switchgear greener and easier

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How to make SF6 free switchgear greener, easier to use and more digital

Since the 1970s, sulfur hexafluoride, as a non-toxic and non combustible gas, has been widely used as the insulation and breaking medium of high-voltage and medium voltage electrical equipment. However, the greenhouse effect of sulfur hexafluoride is 23500 times that of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the industry has been actively looking for alternatives to sulfur hexafluoride, that is, sulfur hexafluoride free technology, in order to make electrical switchgear more environmentally friendly on the basis of safe use

Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, has developed innovative sulfur hexafluoride free (SF6 free) technologies and products over the past decade. This technology revolutionarily combines dry air insulation and parallel vacuum breaking technology, and not only finds a substitute for sulfur hexafluoride: dry air, which solves its green problems, but also maintains the original operation mode and the characteristics of compact structure and small floor area of sulfur hexafluoride switchgear. In addition, Schneider Electric's SF6 free medium voltage switchgear can also be equipped with many digital technologies to unlock the data value for users, so that users can enjoy the benefits of digitalization and stimulate greater energy efficiency potential

parallel vacuum breaking technology does not change users' usage habits.

Schneider Electric provides digital solutions for energy and automation, which has achieved efficient and sustainable development. In terms of medium voltage switchgear, after 10 years of research and development, Schneider Electric found that dry air is the best insulating gas to replace sulfur hexafluoride, and has obvious advantages in environmental protection, dielectric performance, non toxicity, equipment maintenance and other aspects

for a long time, some fluorinated gases have been considered to replace sulfur hexafluoride as arc extinguishing gas for medium voltage electrical equipment. Although the global warming potential of some of these alternative gases is low, it needs to be carefully maintained by professionally trained staff from the installation of relevant equipment to the end of its life cycle. Although these gases have dielectric properties and breaking capacity, there are still some uncertainties about the health risks and potential toxicity of these alternative gases, as well as their potential carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and reproductive toxicity. In addition, fluorinated gases cannot be released into the atmosphere and must be professionally recycled at the end of their life cycle, increasing customer use costs

medium voltage switchgear is used in public places, and it is necessary to ensure public health and safety, so some unproven gases with toxicity are unacceptable. In addition, the generation of highly toxic by-products after disconnection is also unacceptable. Vacuum breaking technology is a proven and reliable technology. For the application in environmental protection gas ring cabinet, the current industry widely uses the series technology of vacuum arc extinguishing chamber and three position disconnector. This technology basically realizes the solution of environmental protection gas ring cabinet, but it has two main disadvantages: first, its operation steps are different from that of sulfur hexafluoride three position switch, and the operation mode from closing position to grounding position is different. Second, the solution is expensive

after long-term research and development and testing, Schneider Electric combines dry air insulation and parallel vacuum breaking technology, which is composed of vacuum arc extinguishing chamber and isolating switch in the air in parallel, so as to reduce the number of parts, reduce the cost, and realize the conventional three position switch operation. Its advantages are more friendly to the environment, safer to the human body, simpler to operate, more compact in size, replaceable, no waste gas recycling, and longer life expectancy

the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber is connected in parallel with the disconnector, and the blade of the disconnector drives the disconnection of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber through the pivot rod. In such a structure, the vacuum interrupter only works in the breaking stage and only needs to bear the transient recovery voltage (TRV) during breaking, but it does not need to have short-circuit making ability, short-time current tolerance ability and continuous current tolerance ability. The blade can ensure the short-circuit closing, and at the same time, the current will not pass through the vacuum interrupter during the closing phase. In the whole breaking stage, the time for current to pass through the vacuum interrupter is only a few milliseconds, This is greatly reduced. When evaluating the joint venture, the president of tri Mack pointed out: "In the next 20 years, a Chinese competition will be held in Ulaanbaatar, and about 35000 new aircraft will be put into use outside the exchange visits of literary and art groups and sports delegations every year, which reduces the cost and size of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber.

this sulfur hexafluoride free air insulated ring cabinet solution fills the air box with dry air, 12kV switch 7. The Rockwell hardness is directly displayed on the dial, and the relative pressure of the cabinet can also be digitally displayed as 0.4bar, 24kV switch cabinet The relative pressure of is 1.5bar. The three position switch is based on vacuum disconnection, air isolation and air box grounding. The operation mode is the same as the traditional SF6 three position switch: the first operation realizes disconnection/isolation, and the second operation realizes grounding. It is a compact solution, and its size is similar to the traditional SF6 three position switch, which can realize perfect replacement

the SF6 free air insulated ring cabinet complies with IEC standards and has successfully passed the test. The products that meet gb/dl standards are being verified and tested in domestic test stations and are expected to be introduced to the Chinese market in the middle of this year

digital empowerment stimulates unlimited energy efficiency potential

with the continuous emergence of new energy production methods and consumption patterns, and the gradual development of the energy industry in the direction of green, low-carbon and efficient interconnection, related enterprises are facing more complex challenges. Digital electricity and its energy interconnection construction have become an important topic in China's power industry at present, and the key is to fully tap the massive data generated by electricity, Maximize the value of production and operation data by creating a closed loop from data to insight

Schneider Electric's SF6 free medium voltage switchgear can be equipped with many digital technologies to unlock data value for users and bring more benefits. For example, sensors used for condition monitoring can unlock predictive and preventive asset management functions by providing data to complex analysis tools, such as those provided by Schneider Electric's powerful ecostruxure architecture and platform. Based on ecostruxure platform, Schneider Electric's SF6 free medium voltage switchgear can fully integrate it and OT, help customers realize the integration of existing business and IOT technology, provide a solid interconnection infrastructure for the interconnection of power distribution, and make use of 10 points of extensive data sources in the automotive industry, efficient asset management and strong data collection, monitoring and analysis capabilities and tools, as well as corresponding applications, to enjoy the benefits of digitalization, Stimulate unlimited energy efficiency potential

on this basis, Schneider Electric has established cooperative relations with many large enterprises with the same concept in the field of public utilities and commercial/industrial buildings, such as greenalp in France and Sweden. The new sulfur hexafluoride free switching technology has been put into operation in many pilot projects

with the world's leading innovation strength, Schneider Electric has always paid close attention to ecological and environmental issues, and led the whole industry to overcome the challenges faced by global communities and enterprises through advanced technology. In the future, Schneider will continue to make positive contributions to the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system in China, and provide a strong driving force for the digital upgrading of the power industry

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