How to make your air compression system make money

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How to make your air compression system make money for you

as a power system, air compression system consumes a lot of manpower and material resources in its procurement and use, including personnel expenses, purchase and installation costs, power consumption and maintenance costs. Reasonable planning and management will save you considerable costs and make money for you

1. Common unreasonable phenomena of air compressor system

(1) the purchase of air compressor

a. when purchasing, we only consider that the price of the machine is cheap. When using, we find that the quality is too poor, the operation is unstable, and the downtime is long, resulting in the loss of production line downtime

b. when purchasing, only the operation stability is considered, and the energy consumption ratio is ignored, resulting in huge waste over time

c. unnecessary losses are caused by neglecting the after-sales service quality of suppliers, failure to arrive at the site in time for troubleshooting, inconvenience in purchasing spare parts, etc

(2) system planning

a. the capacity of the air compressor is too large, resulting in high waste of no-load energy of the air compressor

b. too many filters are installed, resulting in large pressure loss and high energy waste

c. the air compressor is not centralized gas supply, but distributed throughout the plant. The pipeline is independent, which not only increases the equipment purchase cost, but also increases the pipeline cost, management cost and operation cost

d. the ambient temperature of the air compressor room is too high, which is equivalent to reducing the efficiency of the air compressor, reducing the exhaust volume and increasing the energy consumption. Every 100C increase in the ambient temperature is equivalent to a reduction of about 3% in the efficiency of the air compressor

e. unreasonable pipeline layout, too many elbow joints, increasing pressure loss

(3) system control and management

a. it is obvious to control the operation key of the granulator. The outlet pressure value of the important air compressor is set too high, resulting in increased energy consumption and waste. For every 1 kg/cm2 increase in pressure, the energy consumption increases by about 6%

b. multiple air compressors perform loading and unloading actions at the same time or capacity regulation (partial load) operation at the same time, increasing energy waste

c. the machine is poorly maintained or not maintained after expiration, small defects accumulate into major faults after unloading, and the service life of the machine is artificially shortened

d. the environment of the machine room is too dirty, resulting in frequent replacement of the filter, oil filter, oil-gas separator and cooling oil of the air compressor

e. the precision filter of the pipeline is not replaced in time, resulting in excessive pressure loss and serious energy waste

f. the pipeline leaks seriously and "Zeng an said he didn't know. He used the newly purchased air compressor to supplement the insufficient air volume, resulting in waste. Based on a leakage point of 7 kg/cm2g and 10 mm, assuming that the electricity charge is 1 yuan/kWh, 8000 hours a year will waste 320000 yuan of electricity

2. How can your air compressor system make money for you

(1) purchase of equipment

a. based on the ten-year service life, the purchase cost of equipment accounts for about%, the maintenance cost accounts for about%, and the power consumption cost accounts for about%. Therefore, the working efficiency of the machine should be considered first when purchasing, and energy saving means making money

b. operation stability and maintenance convenience are also important factors to be considered

c. pay attention to the after-sales service quality of suppliers

(2) scientific planning

a. the size and number of air compressors need to be carefully calculated and determined

b. post processing equipment is not the more the better, but is configured as needed

c. the machine room should be located in a clean and well ventilated place as far as possible

d. elbows and joints shall be minimized in pipeline layout, and the selection of pipe diameter shall also be reasonable

(3) system control and management

a. the outlet pressure of the air compressor is set as low as possible to avoid severe vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine, which is just enough

b. try to make the air compressor run at full load and reduce the no-load time

c. regular maintenance to prolong the service life of the machine

d. maintain a clean environment in the machine room

e. check and plug the air leakage point in time

in short, we recommend that you plan to purchase and use air compressor equipment:

1 Comprehensively consider equipment efficiency, operation stability, maintenance convenience and after-sales service quality

2. Select professional equipment suppliers for overall planning

3. Scientifically use and manage the air compression system. (end)

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