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How to make the project management focus on the opposite

project management is the most important part of the project implementation process. Generally speaking, the consulting company is Party B and the customer is Party A. for a long time, a strong project management based on customers has been formed, causing the consulting company to passively accept the project domination of the customer, and can not give full play to the strengths of the consulting company, which has a lot of adverse effects on the successful launch of the project. In order to change this situation, I put forward the view that project management should be anti customer oriented, The following is my exposition of this project management concept

as a Chinese saying goes, the customer is free. However, I think the consulting company should focus on the customer when implementing the project. If the consulting company is led by the customer and does everything according to the requirements of Party A, it will form a project management mode dominated by Party A and cannot give full play to the advantages of the consulting company's business and project management. In order to avoid major deviations in the process of project implementation, the consulting company should take project management as the primary implementation element to promote the smooth implementation of the project. In my opinion, how to make project management anti guest oriented, project managers must focus on important and key implementation links

first of all, we must see that both Party A and Party B have a common purpose, that is, to do a good job in this project. For Party A, the implementation of ERP is a major project, which must invest considerable human, material and financial resources. Of course, it hopes to improve the management and efficiency of the enterprise through the implementation of ERP. For Party B, its purpose is more clear, that is, through the implementation of ERP for customers, to improve management and efficiency for customers and obtain corresponding project remuneration. Of course, having a common purpose does not mean that there is no contradiction between Party A and Party B during the implementation of the project. There must be some contradictions, as evidenced by some unsuccessful cases. A project implemented by my friend was abandoned halfway. He said that he encountered many difficulties in the process of project implementation. Finally, he said that the customer was not willing to go on the project at all. Finally, I told him two points: first, the customer was unwilling to go on the project, and the loss was greater than you. You just didn't pay or do it at this stage. Second, there was a problem in your communication with the customer, and he didn't realize the seriousness of the problem, It's your fault, not his. The project manager should estimate the risks of the project in advance. If a project does not have the conditions to start at all, such as the customer's personnel are not complete, there are no key users, and the project hardware conditions are not available, etc. It is often said that a good start is half the success. For project start-up, project managers should have a full understanding, and must let customers realize what conditions they have to start a project. My first point is that mechanical and electrical failure causes failure to work. My view is that it is better to delay the start-up of the project than to start a project under immature conditions

the system is dead, people are alive, and how the system is applied ultimately depends on the quality and heart of the customer's personnel. In my opinion, the core of project management is personnel management. In view of this, we should make full use of Party A's human resources. I have summarized that there are two types of human resources of Party A, one is management personnel who do not directly participate in the specific affairs of the project, such as general manager and project manager, The second category is the personnel involved in the specific affairs of the project, such as key users, project data collation, system data entry personnel, etc. These two types of people are not isolated, but affect each other. They cannot completely adopt the practice of burning incense to leaders and shooting at subordinates. If the relationship between these two types of people is handled well, it will be easier to promote the project. If you don't pay attention to the handling of interpersonal relationships, especially those who have an important impact on the project, if you don't handle this relationship well, it will lead to the result that you don't do things according to the East, and you will die of fatigue. For example, in the implementation of ERP projects, Party A's personnel bypass the project team and directly report problems to the superiors. Such problems are nothing more than the consultant's lack of detail, the consultant's personal style, etc. in the project I implemented, Party A's leaders raised such problems at the meeting, so how can we resolve this kind of crisis? I didn't directly answer whether the problems exist and are correct, I put it this way at that time: "First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't receive such problems until now, but we need to clarify the channels for the project team to correctly reflect the problems. If there are problems, we should first report them to the project manager of Party A and Party B. if the project manager of Party A and Party B can't solve them, we will report them to the project director at the next higher level and the leader of the ERP leading group. Bypassing the project team to report the problems is like a non-profit situation that will block the valve hole and scratch the piston surface It is often a serious consequence that the person under the company's director or manager directly reports the problem to the general manager or the company's top leader, which leads to a result that the company's director or manager forms a decoration. The problem heard by the general manager or the company's top leader is one-sided or incorrect. If this kind of person reflects the problem with personal purpose, the consequences will be more serious, which is an abnormal phenomenon of corporate governance, It is not conducive to the unity of the company, but also an abnormal phenomenon of project management, which is not conducive to the development of the project. Finally, I say, no one is perfect, and no gold is pure gold. I also welcome you to report problems to the project team through normal channels, which is beneficial to both sides. After I finish speaking at the meeting, there will be no small reports in the future. ". The biggest skill of project management is to speak. We should use both kindness and prestige. We should jump out of the problem and say something. If you argue with him about such a situation, you can't say it for hours. If one of the consultants has a bad temper, he may quarrel

as the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles. What customers are most worried about is whether the enterprise can make good use of this system in the later stage after the withdrawal of the project team, which will cause Party A to constantly raise requirements in the implementation process. It seems that the more the better, and put forward more requirements in the project acceptance. How to make a project implement smoothly and end smoothly? I think it is very important to cultivate the personnel of ERP implementation enterprises. The training includes two aspects, one is business ability, the other is system ability, both of which are indispensable. For example, for the same business, in the opinion of the consultant, it is OK to go in a straight line. There is an enterprise with more export business, and the export printed matter is generally determined by the customer a few days before the shipment. A buyer is specially responsible for the purchase of export printed matter, and this or that printed matter is missing when packaging and shipping. The buyer talked about a lot of reasons, how to solve this problem. In fact, the end of this problem is not procurement, But the sales data was not entered in time. Later, we found the sales 6. Double report sales to discuss this problem. The sales said that the confirmation of the customer's printed matter was relatively late. Because the sales staff had many orders, sometimes the sales staff provided the printed matter list only when the packaging was shipped. After discussion, the sales staff could guarantee to provide the printed matter list to the BOM staff to enter the system three days before the shipment, Finally, the print purchase order is automatically run by the system. I give this example to illustrate that consultants should not fall into specific affairs. They should be derived from the business and higher than the business. They should look at the problem from a higher perspective and find the source of the problem, because the specific business personnel must be familiar with the business. Consultants are not familiar with the business personnel. If consultants talk about things, they will be led by the business personnel. In the view of many consultants, the system setting is an important part of the ability training of the customer's personnel, which is done by the consultants. But I think that the key users of the customer can do it, whether it is testing or setting the formal environment. This is to cultivate his system ability on the one hand, and on the other hand, the consultants can spend more time thinking about the problems of the project. We should understand that project management is not the business of the project manager alone, Everyone should participate in project management, and the project manager is more about making project decisions. Of course, the system setting is left to the customer, which is also a good knowledge transfer, but it also puts forward a higher requirement for project management. Your document should be written in as much detail as possible. It is a guiding document. Users will know how to do it according to this document, which makes them feel like people

when the consulting company implements ERP for customers, it is also an important purpose to obtain remuneration while creating value. The delivery documents specified in the contract must be signed, which requires the customer to sign. This is a proof of collection and the basis for both parties to determine the end of each stage, but not all links need to be signed, such as operation manuals, setting documents, etc., but in order to ensure the promotion efficiency of the project, All links that have a significant impact on the project need to be signed and confirmed by both parties

the launch of the system is the most important link, because this is a new project, so the customer is very cautious about the launch. The launch means the beginning of a new major project, and it has doubts about whether the system can support the business development of its company. Therefore, the consulting company should understand that the launch of the project is not determined by your project plan, but that you are the fastest rising experimental platform, and you must give the customer the confidence to go online, Let the customer feel that the system is safe, risk-free and guaranteed, so the staff of the consulting company should do enough superficial work and fully communicate with all managers before the system is launched, rather than knowing that there are objections, especially those of important personnel, on the day of the system's launch, which is particularly harmful. Temporarily changing major plans will be very passive to project management. If you are not fully aware of the possible problems and risks before going online, we should understand this truth. If you delay going online for the first time, you will not do better for the second time. Moreover, delaying going online will have a great impact on the morale of Party A and Party B, so the consulting company must work hard and have a good drink with you

the above are just some of my views on project management. Project management should be anti customer oriented, not to force Party A's personnel to do it. It is an aggressive momentum, but to take the initiative from the perspective of conducive to project implementation and project management, because the consulting company is a professional in terms of project management and business ability. To create professional quality, we must give full play to our strengths, So as to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and provide strong system support for the development of customers. (end)

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