Domestic propylene surged up and down in May and f

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In May, domestic propylene surged up and down, then fluctuated upward and stabilized

in May, domestic propylene surged up and down, then fluctuated upward and stabilized

June 3, 2019

I. price trend

according to the bulk list data of business society, domestic propylene (Shandong) first rose rapidly in May, then suddenly fell to a low point, and then steadily fluctuated upward and then stabilized. In the first ten days of May, there was an obvious peak trend in propylene market; It began to fluctuate and rise in the middle and late days, and stabilized at the end of the month. The average price of enterprises was 6942 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month and 7365 yuan/ton at the end of the month, with a monthly increase of 6.09%. The low price of this month appeared on May 12, at 6840 yuan/ton; The high price of this month appeared at the end of the month, from May 29 to 31, at 7365 yuan/ton, with a monthly amplitude of 7.68%

II. Analysis and comments

products: the fluctuation range of Shandong propylene market this month is slightly larger than that in the early stage, and the current high level is stable. At present, the mainstream transaction in the market is 7300 ~ the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength are further improved by about 7450 yuan/ton. At present, the propylene supply from the port to the ship and the outer plate is relatively small, and the refinery inventory is still controllable in a low range. The PDH unit of a large plant in North China is shut down, the unit volume of some propylene production enterprises is reduced, but the downstream unit of propylene is restored, so the overall supply of propylene in Shandong is relatively tight

industrial chain: upstream, affected by international trends, crude oil prices have declined significantly recently, which has a certain negative impact on the propylene market. On the downstream side, the domestic acrylic acid market is currently dominated by sideways consolidation, with a monthly decline of nearly 7%. At present, the downstream terminal purchases mainly on demand, and the spot price has fallen slightly. It is expected that the acrylic acid market will fluctuate with the market in the short term, with little impact on the propylene market; Propylene oxide is dominated by weak finishing operation, and the monthly decline is not as large as that of new materials. There are three reasons: 1. The support ability is weak. 4 Green environmental protection digital direct plate making material 5%, with little impact on propylene; Epichlorohydrin prices fluctuated upward, with a monthly increase of more than 10%, but the trading was general, and the market was not significantly optimistic. It was mainly high-level consolidation and operation, or there was some support for propylene prices; Recently, polypropylene futures and spot prices have declined, and the prices of PP powder and butyl octanol have been near the cost line. The load of some factories has been reduced, which has put some pressure on the rise of propylene

III. BFF's goal is to produce a 3D printing wire made entirely of recycled plastic. Aftermarket forecast

propylene analysts from the chemical branch of the business society believe that: on the whole, propylene prices fluctuated upward in May. At present, the supply of goods in Shandong is slightly tight, but downstream costs are constrained, and upstream and downstream have a certain resistance to the rise of propylene. Buyers and sellers in the market are mainly on the sidelines, and it is expected that Shandong propylene prices may fluctuate and consolidate in the short term

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