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China Consumer Association released three problems in typical cases of home building materials disputes

China Consumer Association released three problems in typical cases of home building materials disputes

May 16, 2016

[China paint information] recently, the China Consumer Association released a special report on complaints in the field of housing and home furnishings, pointing out that in the first quarter of 2016, the real estate market gradually warmed up, and house prices in some regions showed strong growth, housing Home building materials and other transactions increased

according to the analysis of the complaint acceptance of the National Consumers' Association, the main problems of building materials are: first, some building materials do not meet the national standards, and some indicators exceed the standard, affecting the indoor environment. Second, the goods finally provided by merchants to consumers are inconsistent with the samples displayed in stores and other forms. Third, the problems of unqualified building materials are shown in Table 8. Some problems can only be found after years of use, especially concealed works

for example, in September 2008, Ms. ye, a consumer, purchased the ceiling from Mr. Wang (hereinafter referred to as the operator), and the operator undertook to install it. The operator promised that the colored steel roof tiles could be used for 15 years. On January 22nd, 2016, the colored steel tile of the ceiling was overturned by strong winds, affecting normal use. Consumers and operators failed to negotiate, so they complained to Zhuyuan branch of Qingchuan County Commission for the protection of consumer rights and interests in Sichuan Province on January 26th. It was verified that the overturning of the colored steel tile was caused by the operator's failure to weld the steel welding points firmly during the installation process, and the installation services provided by the operator were flawed. After mediation, both parties to the consumer dispute reached an agreement: the consumer will hire another person to install the ceiling, and the operator will pay a total of 2600 yuan

for another example, on January 20, 2016, consumer song complained that he spent 2. 5% last year After the product equipment was in place, 10000 yuan purchased solid wood flooring and laminate flooring through an official of a flooring company in Henglin. Such related party transactions will harm the interests of other shareholders for home interior decoration. Later, it was found that the laminate flooring part had edge warping problems, and the seam gap of solid wood flooring was large after installation. Consumers have repeatedly negotiated with the flooring company, but they have not been reasonably resolved. Therefore, they complained to the Consumer Association of Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province and asked for mediation to safeguard their rights. After the Henglin branch of Wujin District Consumer Association received the lawsuit, the staff immediately contacted Mr. Yang, the after-sales person in charge of the flooring company. Mr. Yang said that consumers did buy solid wood flooring and laminate flooring from the company, but the company was not responsible for the installation. The installation company was contacted by Mr. song to build a new chemical materials industry cluster according to the letter of the installation company provided by the company. After the mediation of the staff of the Consumer Association, the flooring company is responsible for the replacement and installation of the problem laminate flooring, and helps contact the installation company to pave the solid wood flooring

for another example, in February 2016, the consumer Mr. Hu came to Qinhuangdao Consumer Association in Hebei Province to complain that he bought a set of wardrobe and bookcase of a certain brand in a furniture plaza, with a total price of 18888 yuan. After installation for more than a month, consumers and their families always felt that the furniture had a strong pungent smell, which was not like E0 grade board furniture, so they found the merchant and asked to return it, but the merchant did not recognize that the harmful gas of the furniture they sold exceeded the standard, and said they would not return it. Mr. Hu failed to negotiate with the merchants for many times. Later, he complained to the Qinhuangdao Consumer Association and asked for assistance in sending the "problem" furniture for inspection. After receiving the complaint, the Consumer Association of Qinhuangdao contacted the relevant testing unit through the China Consumer Association. On February 25, the Consumer Association of Qinhuangdao sent a letter to the testing unit for testing. On March 13, the testing unit issued a testing report, confirming that the harmful substances in the furniture did exceed the standard. Under the mediation of Qinhuangdao Consumer Association and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, the merchant agreed to return goods for consumers and bear the testing fee of 900 yuan

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