Domestic steel prices may rise after the hottest N

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Domestic steel prices may rise after the National Day holiday

unlike the decline in the domestic steel market in September, major international steel mills have recently raised the ex factory prices of their steel products. Experts believe that affected by this, there is little room for domestic steel prices to continue to fall this year

international steel mills have raised prices

Corus is the first manufacturer in Europe to announce the price increase of steel in the fourth quarter. The price of structural steel for construction has increased by 20 pounds/ton. Then Arcelor, the second largest steel mill in the world, in Europe, took the lead in announcing the delivery price increase of flat materials in the fourth quarter of about dozens of euros. After Arcelor announced last week to raise the price of flat products in the fourth quarter, some European steel mills also showed their intention to adjust the price of the third temperature rise and fall in the fourth quarter this week

in northern Europe, the European branch of Mittal group, the world's largest steel mill, and the steel mill of Rautaruukki, Finland, have revealed their plans to raise prices. It is reported that the price of flat materials in Mittal may increase by 20 euros/ton in the fourth quarter. Rautaruukki also said recently that the product price will be increased in the fourth quarter, and the adjustment range will vary according to the quality and type

in southern Europe, Marcegaglia steel plant in Italy will raise the price of products in the fourth quarter. The company made adjustments based on the expected improvement in demand in the fourth quarter. They expect the price of flat products to rise by 30-40 euros/ton by the end of September, and some may rise to 60-70 euros/ton. It is reported that other Italian steel mills, such as arvedi steel, also said they would raise prices by 5 euros/ton

China business news also learned that Corus announced that the contract price of tinplate for packaging would increase by 10% from January 1, 2006. Germany's ThyssenKrupp steel and salzgit also announced price increases for thin plates in the fourth quarter. ThyssenKrupp Steel's price increase is 20-30 euros/test automation not only refers to the test tons of hundreds of samples per day in the factory, but also considers further price increases in the first quarter of 2006. While the spot flat material price of salzgit increased by 30 euros/ton

domestic steel mills have little room for decline

compared with the international steel market, which has recovered, the domestic market is still not optimistic. Since the end of March this year, domestic steel prices have started to fall across the board. Although they were in a stable state of low prices by August, a new round of decline has been triggered since late August

relevant experts from the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that the main reason why steel prices fell again after a short-term slight recovery is that steel production continues to maintain rapid growth, and the pattern of domestic supply exceeding demand has not changed. In July, the domestic steel output reached 31.3612 million tons, an increase of 28% year-on-year. At the same time, the growth rate of downstream industries such as automobile, real estate, machinery, shipbuilding and container slowed down

in addition, on August 23, Baosteel lowered the prices of its various products by an average of 8.6%, which had a great impact on dealers' expectations and psychology of the market. As the leader of the domestic steel industry, Baosteel's quarterly price adjustment has always been a "weathervane" in China's steel market

according to the analysis of insiders, in addition to the rapid growth of domestic production, the shortage of social funds is also a very important reason for the recent decline of domestic steel prices. "Due to lack of funds, downstream users have been in a wait-and-see state of 'buying up rather than buying down'; and the pressure on many dealers to withdraw funds has also increased, and many have to reduce prices and ship." He predicted that since changes in the international market will generally appear in the domestic market two months later, the rebound in domestic market prices may be reflected after the National Day holiday

insiders believe that after a round of decline in the international steel market, the international steel market has stopped falling and rebounded, indicating that inventories have been basically digested. After the demand picks up, many international middle-end users will increase their purchasing efforts, including purchasing in China, which will also play a certain role in driving steel prices

relevant experts from the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission also pointed out that since the current steel price has been at the lowest point since this year, the comprehensive average price of 10 kinds of steel has been 7.23% lower than that at the beginning of the year, and the range of steel price decline will not be very large. It is expected that a small decline in the short term can be judged that after the set screw is loosened, the steel price will gradually stabilize

information source: Zhonghua machinery

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