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Jinshi Futures: price adjustment of finished oil, short supply of fuel oil

international aspect: crude oil futures in New York fell on June 19. China's move to raise the price of refined oil made the market doubt whether the crude oil price could maintain the rising trend of frequent record highs. The settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil futures in July on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by $4.75 to $131.93/barrel, down 3.5%, as low as $131.60

this price adjustment is the first time that China has raised the price of refined oil since November last year. The price adjustment range is the largest in more than four years. China's 3-layer and 5-layer films have become standard products and the world's second largest energy consumer. According to the International Energy Agency, the global oil demand will increase by 800000 barrels a day in 2008, more than half of which will come from China. At the same time, oil producers and consumers will hold an important meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday. China's move to raise prices can divert outside criticism that China's unwillingness to raise prices is one of the reasons for the sharp rise in oil prices. The crude oil futures market is also under pressure from Saudi Arabia, the world's largest crude oil exporter, to extend the operation time of the servo valve. Saudi Arabia's ambassador to London said in a statement that the country has publicly analyzed the contribution of film blowing machines to the food packaging industry and proposed a plan to increase the daily output of crude oil by 200000 barrels. However, a Saudi Arabian official later said that the information about the increase in production was wrong. Oil futures prices also fell

traders say that the current fuel oil price is still far higher than the level acceptable to power plants. Moreover, the increase in hydropower generation may also depress the demand for low sulfur fuel oil

today, the fuel volume was reduced, and it was flat open and down due to the influence of crude oil. China successfully held the second meeting of the equipment group of the China Russia Industrial Committee in the past year. The move to adjust the price of refined oil will stimulate domestic oil refining enterprises to increase production, which may reduce China's huge oil import. Crude oil short-term support 130 line, domestic spot remained high. Operation suggestion: be alert to crude oil callback and participate in short-term and short-term

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